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DWAM- India’s most trusted Digital Warranty Activation Management, DWAM is one of the most preferred QR code technology-based digital warranty activation management techniques for brands. Now, businesses can benefit from Digital Warranty Activation Management through the scanning of QR codes combined with the uploading of bills. A single QR code across every unit does the work.

What is the problem?

Brands provide a warranty for their products to the customers, but the problems that face them don’t allow them to keep their consumers happy. The issues that obstruct the way of brands are:

The traditional approach of providing warranty involves a lot of manual labor. Still, brands fail to adopt the ways of providing digital warranty to their consumers. This weakens the connection between the brand and its consumers.
Brands are losing a lot of revenue because of undetected fraudulent claims of warranty. Some people manipulate the hardcopy of bills to claim warranty. Brands can’t keep a check on all these practices through manual processes.

How DWAM solves it?

DWAM, a complete digital warranty activation management solution, uses a tamper-proof and exclusive QR code for every product with multi-layer authentication. As a result, many benefits are available to you:

Digital Warranty Activation and Managemen

Digital QR code platform incorporates a warranty dashboard and provides performance metrics to stakeholders.

Streamlined Warranty Registration

Customers can register and activate their warranties in one step by scanning a QR code and filling out the details online.

Cost-Effective Digital Claim Management Solution

Integrated QR code-based digital warranty tool that aligns with existing packaging to offer cost-effective claim management. Advanced technology and automation of the claims management process result in lower expenses and higher revenue.

Dynamic QR code

Every unit comes with an exclusive, tamper-proof QR code that ensures data capture on the digital dashboard and safeguards against fraudulent claims.

First Party Data

Digital warranty activation via QR code allows brands to gather real-time consumer data for targeted marketing campaigns and improved data analytics.

Real-Time Coordination

DWAM escalates your strategies and improves your brand's competitive advantage through enhanced data analytics, using real-time claims of the warranty settlement process to inform future strategies

Benefits of DWAM

Genefied’s DWAM platform- is designed to offer multiple benefits via dual-layer security offering QR codes. Let us see how!

Elimination of Frauds

We offer a distinctive QR code for every product in your supply chain. The quick alerts quickly alarm you of any fake product entry or fake claim asked for by any customer.

Automatic Claim Activation

Leaving behind the flaws of manual warranty activation, the digital dashboard auto-generates claims in the system once the user and his warranty are generated.

Hassle-Free Claims Settlement

DWAM lets you merge data, procedures, and policies that manage the whole process. Brands can easily upload, submit, check, and handle the status of the claims on our Digital Warranty Management Platform.

Digitalised Solutions

DWAM, on the one hand, helps the customers with digital activation of their product’s warranty whereas, on the other hand, the brands can work upon legitimacy, warranty management and offer after-sales services.

Self-Service Portals

Self-service portals for customers who can connect 24/7 for warranty-related issues and queries. Through 24/7 digital Helpline support, the online databases help maximise customer satisfaction and relieve your brand of handling cumbersome tasks.

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