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SupplyBeam is an end-to-end supply chain traceability solution. SupplyBeam leverages the power of QR Code Technology to ease tracking of products in supply chain. It helps in strenthening sales and increasing the market share and revenue.

Is your brand facing any of these Challenges?

Brands lack the traceability of their goods at every channel which leads to serious problems like

Tremendous security blind-spots can hamper the functions of a supply chain leading to stunted growth in innovations across channels. Thus it is inevitable to surpass discrepancies while working with vendors in a supply chain.
No proper mapping is done in the entire ecosystem of the supply chain. A structured supply chain process requires multifarious yet a simple streamlined system to strengthen the communication channel between the brand and its consumers.
Spoilage of perishable goods is the order of the day. Shipping goods that have expiration dates is tricky, there is no other system in place to manage it
Chasing down businesses in this age and date requires a consistent effort from the stakeholders in order to warrant great results.
Products/goods that reach customers, when returned are difficult to track down without a full-proof technological solution.
The success and profits of a giant business are solely dependent on the enthusiasm of its channel partners who make loyal customers at their end. Without effective loyalty programs, distributors lack the motivation to help you increase sales.
The proper management is not in place to configure the production right from the manufacturer till the implementation of pre-sales activities for a specific batch of products.

Brands these days are trying every bit to reach to maximum consumers and enhance their user experience, but due to problems mentioned above they are not able to compete other competitors prevailing in the market.

How SupplyBeam Solves it?

Relief from old Methodology

One of the techniques that can be used to tackle this problem is the use of smart and intelligent unique QR/Barcode codes. This technique shuns the obsolete methodology of tracking the products’ movement from point A to point B..

Ease of Tracing

SupplyBeam is capable of catering to the needs of brands so that their products’ movement can be tracked with ease.

Use of QR codes

QR codes are important tools for inventory management in the supply chain management process. Organizations make use of QR codes to track names, prices and other information of the products. These codes can be used in Distribution Mapping, Inventory Management and product traceability. .Further, these unique QR codes are placed on each item and operators can use the provided code to quickly Check In and Check Out the processes.

Benefits of SupplyBeam:

End-To-End Traceability

SupplyBeam helps the brands in the end-to-end traceability of products that pass through various channels to finally reach its destination. It is capable of solving the issue of Inventory Management, Distribution Mapping/ Undercutting/ Infiltration problem through digital product identification and traceability..

Strengthens Sales

Brands will now be capable of checking the complete movement of their product and can also monitor the Sale at DIstributor/Retailer’s end, which can be further used to strengthen their Sales team in the market. The solution saves the product owners from checking the progress manually.

Satisfies all Channel Partners

Through SupplyBeam, manufacturers are not only able to solve the problems of traceability and inventory management, but also enhance multi-level gratification for distributors/ retailers/ customers.

Enlarges the Market Share

With SupplyBeam, manufacturers can now keep their products away from Counterfeiters and thus excel in the market by providing genuine experience to.the consumers.

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