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SupplyBeam is a revolutionary QR code-based end-to-end supply chain traceability solution that offers unparalleled visibility and security. Genefied’s supply chain traceability software provides tamper-proof technology to protect your business and real-time tracking of products, preventing supply chain disruptions, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

Is your brand facing any of these Challenges?

Brands lack the traceability of their goods at every channel which leads to serious problems like

Tremendous security blind-spots can hamper the functions of a supply chain leading to stunted growth in innovations across channels. Thus it is inevitable to surpass discrepancies while working with vendors in a supply chain.
No proper mapping is done in the entire ecosystem of the supply chain. A structured supply chain process requires multifarious yet a simple streamlined system to strengthen the communication channel between the brand and its consumers.
Spoilage of perishable goods is the order of the day. Shipping goods that have expiration dates is tricky, there is no other system in place to manage it
Chasing down businesses in this age and date requires a consistent effort from the stakeholders in order to warrant great results.
Products/goods that reach customers, when returned are difficult to track down without a full-proof technological solution.
The success and profits of a giant business are solely dependent on the enthusiasm of its channel partners who make loyal customers at their end. Without effective loyalty programs, distributors lack the motivation to help you increase sales.
The proper management is not in place to configure the production right from the manufacturer till the implementation of pre-sales activities for a specific batch of products.

Brands these days are trying every bit to reach to maximum consumers and enhance their user experience, but due to problems mentioned above they are not able to compete other competitors prevailing in the market.

How SupplyBeam Solves it?

End-to-End Traceability

SupplyBeam delivers complete transparency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Our technology allows brands to track their products from production to delivery, ensuring authenticity and integrity at every step.

Cost-effective Supply Chain Traceability Software

The whole system works via QR codes that can easily be integrated into your current packaging.

Quick Alerts for Improved Logistics Operations and Efficiency

Quick alerts enable prompt action and improve overall logistics operations, allowing businesses to optimise supply chain efficiency.

Brand Protection

SupplyBeam' uses tamper-proof QR codes for real-time tracking, declining supply chain disruptions, and increasing efficiency. Multi-layer authentication ensures secure access to product information.

Digital Real-time Tracking

Unique QR code across every unit improves visibility and decision-making, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and respond to changes in the supply chain in real-time.

Scalability with Efficiency

Our Supply Chain Traceability solution is designed to scale with your business needs while maintaining efficiency. Our technology allows for seamless tracking and management of your products, no matter the size of your operation.

Benefits of SupplyBeam:

Genefied’s supply chain traceability solution offers businesses a comprehensive solution for end-to-end traceability and digital control over their supply chain. Our technology includes several features that can help businesses improve their supply chain management and logistics.

Lower Employee Footprint

Our QR code-based supply chain traceability software reduces the need for manual labour in tracking and managing inventory, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency for the company.

Infiltration Track N Trace

Our QR code solution allows quick identification and tracking of infiltrated products, safeguarding the authenticity and integrity of your brand. This feature plays a crucial role in protecting your brand's reputation and maintaining customer trust.

Streamlines Communication

SupplyBeam's QR code technology simplifies communication and tracking, resulting in significant time and resource savings during and after transit. This allows the company to focus on more important tasks.

FIFO Inventory Management

SupplyBeam guarantees first-in, first-out inventory management, ensuring optimal supply, return, and recall management.

Accurately Tagged Shipments

Our QR code solution allows for precise tracking and identification of each shipment, ensuring smooth and efficient distribution. This feature improves logistics and supply chain management for the company.

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