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The hosiery industry in India currently faces a lack of digital solutions concerning supply chain traceability and customer loyalty for hosiery brands. Despite some available solutions utilising advanced technology like QR codes for traceability, their adoption in the Indian hosiery retail business remains limited.

Given the impressive projected growth of the overall Indian textile and apparel industry at 10% CAGR from 2019-20, reaching a market size of US$ 190 billion by 2025-26, there is a significant opportunity to leverage digital solutions like hosiery supply chain management, and digital loyalty program for hosiery industry to enhance its efficiency, transparency, and customer experience. 

Challenges Faced By the Apparel and Hosiery Industry In India

Currently, the hosiery and apparel businesses still rely upon traditional and non-digitised ways of managing customer loyalty programs and supply chains

Inefficient supply chain management: The lack of digital supply chain traceability hampers the growth of the apparel and hosiery industry in India, leading to difficulties in tracking raw materials, finished products, and inventory. This further results in delays, stockouts, and increased costs in the hosiery retail business

Limited consumer loyalty: The absence of digital loyalty reward programs makes it challenging for hosiery brands to build strong customer relationships. They struggle to incentivise repeat purchases and retain customers due to the absence of a loyalty program for customers, reducing customer loyalty and potentially causing hosiery apparel suppliers to lose market share to competitors

Data-driven decision-making: The inability to harness data from the supply chain and customer interactions limits its ability to make strategic business decisions. The lack of digital solutions prevents companies from gaining insights into consumer behaviour and market demands, hindering their growth and competitiveness

Genefied Technology Solutions- Leading the Tech- Revolution in the Hosiery Industry

The Indian hosiery industry is undergoing a massive transformation, and one of the companies leading this revolution is Genefied. Our game-changing solutions to the hosiery industry include customer loyalty programs, consumer engagement programs, along with supply chain management and traceability

Rewardify - A Gamification-based digital loyalty program for the hosiery industry

Genefied's "Rewardify" is an innovative and versatile QR code-based loyalty and rewards program that is making a significant impact on the Hosiery Industry. Top brands and hosiery retail businesses in India already benefit from this seamless customer loyalty management system, reducing churn rates by up to 40%

Rewardify helps hosiery brands build strong emotional connections with their customers, increasing loyalty and retention

By offering instant rewards through the digital loyalty management software, Rewardify ensures the long-term loyalty of retailers, distributors, and wholesalers, which is crucial for a brand's lasting success

With automated sales data gathering, hosiery brands gain valuable customer insights that can inform their overall business strategy

Leveraging gamification, the loyalty platform for the hosiery industry automates repeat sales, encouraging customers to make additional purchases from your brand

Rewardify fosters a more organised, transparent, and customer-centric environment in the hosiery industry through an end-to-end digital Loyalty program with flexible redemption schemes.

Revolutionising Consumer Engagement with Scan&Win

Genefied's Scan&Win engagement program utilises QR codes to capture essential consumer data, including purchase behaviour and preferences

The virtual spinning wheel technology provides instant gratification to consumers

Upon scanning the QR code, consumers are seamlessly redirected to WhatsApp, where they can access offers and promotions

Increase hosiery brand sales by up to 40% and take benefits of first-party data-gathering capabilities, contributing up to 10% of a brand's revenue

By harnessing the unique advantages of Scan&Win, Indian Hosiery brands like Lux Industries, Siyarams, Bodycare and Teenager, are building their loyalty and revenue growth strategies.

SupplyBeam - An End-to-End Supply Chain Management Software For the Hosiery Industry

SupplyBeam offers unparalleled visibility and security to Hosiery brands with tamper-proof QR codes and multi-layer authentication

With up to 99.99% traceability and up to 70% infiltration control, SupplyBeam optimises supply chain operations and enhances efficiency, resulting in cost savings

Unit-wise data gathering from all channels ensures complete transparency and traceability in the hosiery retail business

Overall FIFO Management through QR code management software for the hosiery industry, ensuring optimal supply, return, and recall management for improved inventory control

Real-time tracking to minimise supply chain disruptions and enhance efficiency

Streamlined Communication via QR code, ensuring significant time and resource savings during and after transit

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