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How to Use Our Gamification in Your Loyalty Program

Gamification can be applied to any facet of your loyalty program, such as
Earning Points Redeeming Reward Systems Completing Challenges Reaching Tiers Earning Points, Redeeming Reward Systems, Completing Challenges, Reaching Tiers
The key is to design your retention strategy based on gamification loyalty program objectives.

Ways to use gamification in your loyalty program

Choose the best - Retailer Loyalty Program

The Best Gamification Features in Loyalty Programs

There are many gamification features that you must look for and incorporate in your loyalty programs across different industries and sectors

Enhance sales data collection with dynamic analytics, featuring "Top Retailer" and "Hot/Cold Spots" for pinpointing success and areas needing improvement.

Seamlessly request replenishment and create orders using a digital dashboard, a core feature in the best gamification loyalty program.

Experience instant benefits and observe a notable reduction of up to 40% in customer churn rates.

Instil FOMO among retailers with leaderboards, cultivating loyalty and driving repeat sales through progress tracking.

Ensure instant rewards redemption by collecting points, enriching the overall customer experience.

Why Should You Add Gamification To Loyalty Programs

Gamification marketing is not just a trend or a gimmick. It is a powerful and proven way to improve your loyalty program and your customer loyalty

Here are some of the benefits of adding gamification with QR codes to your loyalty program

Psychological Appeal

Taps into human desires for achievement and competition

FOMO Trigger

Utilises fear of missing out with innovative rewards

Brand Loyalty

Enhances brand loyalty and customer retention

Churn Reduction

Reduces churn and attrition in the customer base

Types of Gamification Loyalty Programs

There are different types of gamification loyalty programs that you can choose from, depending on your business goals, customer preferences, and loyalty program objectives


Point-based loyalty programs

They are the most common and allow customers to earn points for every purchase or action, which they can use to redeem rewards or benefits


Tiered-based loyalty programs

They allow customers to earn points and move up to different tiers. These create a sense of achievement and prestige and can encourage customers to spend more and stay loyal


Challenge-based loyalty programs

They allow customers to earn points and rewards by completing challenges or tasks

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