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The loyalty program operates with a tiered structure.

These tiers (gold, silver, platinum) determine the rewards and benefits retailers receive.

Encourages increased spending, leading to higher satisfaction.

Rewards increase as customers move up the tiers.

Motivates customers to engage more, enhancing their overall experience.

Rewards progression motivates customers to elevate their engagement, enhancing their overall experience with the brand.

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How Does a Tiered Loyalty Program Work? 

Tiered-based loyalty programs can easily be adopted through our application software.

Here are the basic things that you must know about the points system and how it drives customer engagement:

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Benefits of Tiered Loyalty Programs over Non-Tiered

Tiered loyalty programs have several benefits compared to non-tiered loyalty programs

Fosters a sense of achievement and status for advancing customers, enhancing loyalty and satisfaction

Encourages increased interaction and spending to unlock successive tiers and associated rewards

Facilitates customer segmentation based on loyalty, enabling personalised rewards

Optimizes the allocation of rewards, reserving higher-value ones for the most loyal and profitable customers to enhance ROI

Why Do You Need a Tiered Loyalty Program?

Reduce the cost of customer rewards and improve the return on investment.

Customers earn loyalty points and benefits that increase as they advance through tiers.

A sense of achievement and status for customers, fostering increased customer engagement.

Personalised benefits and rewards based on customer engagement, creating a tailored experience.

Segment customers based on loyalty levels, enabling personalised and relevant rewards for different customer segments.

Best Tiered Loyalty Program Examples

Currently, Genefied is serving some big Indian brands with Successful Loyalty Programs -

Below are Examples of Tiered Loyalty and Effective Incentive Structures taken by brands

Catering to Carpenter Loyalty

Membership benefits tailored for Carpenter Rewards

Exclusive Program for Electricians

Influencers Program for Contractors, Dealers, Fabricators

Rewardify: Dedicated Tiered Loyalty Program for Retailers

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