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A QR code backed technology Hybrid Ocean is designed as a foolproof complex to manage warehouse operations. This warehouse management system, replete with AI, forms a streamlined system of tracking data, and managing the processes that run inside a warehouse. The data incorporated within the Hybrid Ocean, is based upon the stop-gaps for proper and real-time tracking of the movement of the goods within an inventory.

Is your brand facing any of these Challenges?

The Warehouse Management System is prone to errors and mistakes. An effective WMS needs optimization at regular intervals. In the absence of effective WMS, your brand might face:

The traditional approach of providing warranty involves a lot of manual labor. Still, brands fail to adopt the ways of providing digital warranty to their consumers. This weakens the connection between the brand and its consumers.
Complete reliability upon register records can never optimise warehouse operations. In absence of tech solutions, you cannot quickly track & trace any movement. This leaves no scope for appropriate internal traceability of your warehouse.
Inflow/outflow of goods on any shelf or racks inside the warehouse becomes a time-consuming task when left to be handled manually. This further makes FIFO Management a difficult task
The picker might have to visit the same rack repeatedly. Be it the redundancy in your team or your processes, warehouse management becomes complex.
Due to the absence of an automated warehouse system, every single order from the warehouse becomes hard to manage. Ultimately, your Warehouse Management System turns out to be a failure! This results from the absence of real-time data.
Too much reliance on manual labour costs you more as compared to AI. Also, manual tasks and data calculations are subject to errors

How HybridOcean Solves it?

HybridOcean guarantees you the flawless functioning of your warehouse. It covers all the loopholes by using QR codes as its tool of operation. Thus, allowing the smooth flow of your business.

Rack Management

QR codes are posted on every rack and every product inside the warehouse. This helps in both, static dynamic and dynamic-dynamic rack management.

Inventory Visibility and Accuracy

There is no need to physically count the products on a shelf or a rack. HybridOcean ensures accurate inventory management. This centralised Warehouse Setup helps you keep check on inventory at different locations via automated WMS. It helps in handling orders from multiple POS.

Increased Internal Traceability

Manually tracking each product inside your warehouse is a cumbersome task. HybridOcean guarantees complete internal traceability of your warehouse via ‘easy to scan QR codes.’ Be it indoor positioning, rack management, indoor shifting, or outdoor moment everything can be kept under a scanner.

Inbound-Outbound Logistics Management

QR codes automate the complete warehouse management system. It helps keep records of the inflow of goods and also maintain a record of outflow of units from the warehouse till the final point of consumption. Automated Logistics prevent delays in delivery and also help in tracking a lost/misplaced or damaged shipment.

Reduces Labor Costs

HybridOcean is an IoT based robust Warehouse Management System which is completely automated. It ensures standardisation and inventory accuracy by reducing the need for manual work.

Benefits of HybridOcean:

HybridOcean centralises all the operations of your warehouse by automacy. The QR codes act as the pivot of this automated WMS.

Realtime Inventory Management

QR codes serve as the means of providing real-time data. This data covers multiple operations of your warehouse such as inventory transactions, orders, purchases, sales, tracking of shipments, and order management from multiple POS.

Internal Communication

HybridOcean connects all the members spread across the supply chain. QR codes do it all. They store huge data. A single scan gives complete information to any person performing any process/operation inside the warehouse. The centralized WMS is approachable to all.

Automated Inventory Updation

IoT backed Warehouse Management System is highly automated thus reducing the need to manually perform every task.

Manage Purchase Orders

HybridOcean helps keep digital track of previous purchases, the outflow of orders, and returns. It helps in automated purchase management by calculating reorder volumes based upon current inventory in stock.

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