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Industry Trends

Life is getting busier and consumers are looking for convenient ways to get products of their daily use. On the other hand, supermarkets are also upping their game by offering a large variety of ready-to-go product options. FMCG makers are responding well to the trends of the industry.

Consumers are becoming more interested in experiences than actual products. In response to this, the manufacturers are trying to create experiences around their product. Industry players are investing in digital capabilities to enhance the experience of the consumers. Additionally, the makers of the products are coming up with more innovative products and schemes to lure the consumers and give them a rich product experience.
Tech-savvy consumers are spending more time online to buy products while sitting within the comfort zone of their places. Online sales are expected to grow by four times and this will boost global FMCG sales. With the ongoing growth of E-commerce, competition has intensified and the importance of online sales has already ramped up.
Consumers are no more ignorant of their health. People are now focusing more on consuming healthier products. Increasing awareness of the ‘clean’ snacks and products is making the manufacturers rethink about the strategies and processes that can make them stay for long in the competition.

Which of our Products can serve your Brand?


The FMCG industry is the one that remains active throughout the year. Product makers keep a constant loop of producing goods and send them out in the market through a supply chain. In this industry, inventory management is a delicate aspect and doing it manually can affect the chain. But with a proper inventory management system in place, your brand can streamline the process of inventory management. SupplyBeam by Genefied is the most sophisticated and sorted solution to manage inventory and trace the movement of your products until it reaches its final destination.

Expiry Alert

Genefied is a name trusted as a provider of smart solutions for the brands. Our expiry alert setting solution is one-of-a-kind and the best example of our smart solutions allowing consumers to stay updated on the expiry of the product in advance. The consumer can then consume the product accordingly.


The marketplace has widened its horizon and has spread its scope beyond satisfying just the consumers. Smart brands are acting smarter and your brand can do the same by allowing solutions like Rewardify to maintain a loyal base that includes retailers, distributors and other partners. Our retail loyalty solutions are crafted in a way that earns the trust of the partners connected with your brand.

Scan & Win

Product makers work on the theory that says there is nothing more valuable than a delighted customer. With this theory in mind, the Scan & Win program by Genefied focuses on helping brands in keeping their existing consumer base happy and loyal to them. Our loyalty management services aim to strengthen the connection between a product and its consumers.


Counterfeit products have hampered the growth of every market segment and the FMCG sector is no exception to it. While it’s not practically feasible to reduce the presence of such products to negligible levels instantly, brands can remain on the safer side with solutions like GenuineMark. In the FMCG industry, the dairy product segment is the most affected one by counterfeit products. Dairy product owners can reap massive benefits from this anti-counterfeiting technology by Genefied.

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