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Customer Life Time Value is the predicted net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.

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Genefied is prompt, they always think two steps ahead, we are very happy with the services. Genefied is always future-forward, they understand clients, bring on-the-table solutions before brands can think of them, & are always ready to help. Also, the IT team is fab, they understand problems very well and are quick to resolve them

- Barnali Shankar, Sr. General Manager

It is amazing working with Genefied for Traceability, Authenticity and Loyalty (Raffle Program) of 20 Ltr Jars from Bisleri. Genefied has a great team and enthusiastic members in their team who can well execute a nation wide program successfully. Looking forward to further work with Genefied on various other opportunities at Bisleri.

- Harsh Kachhara, Trade Marketing Head

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100 years a brand

Every brand aspires to thrive for an infinite amount of time. We help brands add tech at all its miles with an ever upgrading ecosystem of enterprise SAAS.

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Vision : 100 Years a brand with maximum technological impact

We automate your Supply Chain to help add Longevity throught technology by extended help in loyality, warranty and genuinity.

Ayush Jhawar, Co-Founder

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