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Industry Trends

Vehicle manufacturing companies or the end-users of the tyres industry look for ideal on-road performance, which increases fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance in the tire. Apart from these, lightweight tyres are becoming the preferred choice of the users. The scenario has changed drastically since the last few years. Changing trends transform the dynamics of the industry.

Advancement in technology is what drives the growth in the market. Consumers have become more aware of the innovative products that are available in the market. For example, Automobile manufacturing companies and even end-users are looking for airless tyres, which are again an outcome of technology in the industry. Brands that aren’t successful in delivering at par with the expectations of the users cannot survive for long in the market.
Manufacturers’ output and consumers’ expectations are growing simultaneously. The tyre makers have understood the current need of their consumers, which focuses more on safety. The audience knows the difference between an average and an ultimate tyre. As a result, they seek features that make the tyres safer on the road.
Brands have shunned the obsolete methods of connecting with their consumers and channel partners. Times have changed and the product makers in the tyres industry are going digital to solve the issues of their consumers, retailers & distributors and bettering the connection. This can also be considered as a strategy to retain loyal consumers & channel partners in particular.

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The FMCG industry is the one that remains active throughout the year. Product makers keep a constant loop of producing goods and send them out in the market through a supply chain. In this industry, inventory management is a delicate aspect and doing it manually can affect the chain. But with a proper inventory management system in place, your brand can streamline the process of inventory management. SupplyBeam by Genefied is the most sophisticated and sorted solution to manage inventory and trace the movement of your products until it reaches its final destination.


Warranty is an aspect that troubles the brand owners intensively since it is not easy to manage warranty claims of a large base of consumers manually. DWAM is the most hassle-free and smartest digital warranty system to actively manage warranty the digital way. The brands can record a digital history on the web whenever their product enters the market.


Tyres industry is prone to the danger that counterfeit products bring. To protect brands from losing their reputation and goodwill, Genefied brings to you a solution by the name of GenuineMark that will protect your brand from the effects of counterfeit products. Consumers can verify the authenticity of your product and learn that a particular product is genuine. All this is done through a smart QR code scan.


Retailers and distributors are an integral part of a business. The more loyal the supply chain, the better it is. While a brand may be thinking of ideas to retain loyal partners, others are all prepared to attract the retailers/distributors towards their brand. Rewardify by Genefied will let your brand retain the loyal channel partners by rewarding them through effective retail loyalty programs.

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