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QR Code Loyalty Program: Boost Customer Engagement and Retention

Discover the potential of QR codes, open a whole new world of digitalised possibilities for your brand, supply chain, and partners, and empower your customers as the cornerstone of your success.

Don't let your brand remain a QR codeless void, act now and tap into the potential of these tamper-proof unique QR codes with Genefied.

What is a QR code, and how does it work?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone camera, allowing users to quickly and easily access digital content. These codes can store various information, such as website URLs, product details, or contact information.

To scan a QR code, users must open their smartphone camera and point it at the code. The camera will then recognise the code and prompt the user to open the landing page, which may contain information like the brand’s story, manufacturing details, expiry date, contents of the product, warranty activation link etc.

Businesses and brands can use QR codes to uncover the useful benefits of QR codes, such as smart packaging to provide additional information, track&trace the products, help users activate digital warranties, and redeem rewards. With the rise of contactless interactions, QR codes have become a valuable tool for businesses to engage with customers and streamline their operations.

QR Code For Rewards Program- Retailer/Distributor/Consumer Loyalty.

Genefied's QR code loyalty program offers a unique and innovative approach to customer engagement. Our gamification-based retailer loyalty platform includes QR codes for rewards programs and customer loyalty.

QR codes that enable real-time rewards redemption, seamless loyalty management, automation of loyalty programs, and QR code-based customer engagement.

With our digital dashboard, users can collect points and redeem QR code rewards using a simple mobile scanner.

QR code rewards ensure up to 40% reduced churn rates. You can check Rewardify for a comprehensive QR code loyalty program that enhances retailer/distributor/customer experience and builds your overall brand loyalty.

QR Code For Loyalty Management- Enhanced Consumer Loyalty.

QR codes are the best way to loyalty management. Genefied has designed a QR code-based loyalty program. It offers QR codes for Scan&Win competitions that ensure the following:

Instant Digital Reward Redemption

Personalised Sales and Marketing

Integration of CRM Databases

Increase in ROI

Uprising Customer Retention

With Scan & Win, customers can participate in QR code contests and promotions for a chance to win exciting QR code rewards.

QR code-based Scan & Win offers several unique advantages for brands, such as:

Increased Customer Engagement

Increased Customer Engagement

QR codes are a mobile-friendly and convenient way for customers to participate in contests and QR code promotions, leading to higher engagement rates.

Improved Customer Data Insights

Improved Customer Data Insights

Scan & Win captures valuable customer data and insights, allowing brands to personalise their mobile marketing with QR codes and increase customer loyalty with AI-based notifications.

Easy Rewards Redemption

Easy Rewards Redemption

Customers can redeem their QR code prizes through simple QR code scans, offering instant gratification and a hassle-free redemption process.

With Scan & Win, customers can participate in QR code contests and promotions for a chance to win exciting QR code rewards.

QR Code-Based Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

QR codes have become a game-changer for brands in the fight against counterfeit products.

Introduction to QR codes and Anti-Counterfeiting:

Genefied has introduced a well-tested QR code anti-counterfeiting technology that provides a cost-effective solution for brands to protect their supply chain, products and customers from counterfeit loss.

The solution uses tamper-proof digital QR codes with multi-layer authentication and encryption, enabling brands to identify counterfeit products through a single scan.

Anti-counterfeiting QR codes give real-time counterfeiting alerts when a fake/copied unit enters your supply chain.

Additionally, our QR code anti-counterfeiting technology offers increased CLTV. By instilling trust and authenticity through our tamper-proof QR codes, customers will likely make repeat purchases.

This enhanced customer engagement, coupled with the ability to capture consumer purchase behaviour insights, makes anti-counterfeiting QR codes an essential component of any brand's customer engagement and retention strategy. Choose GenuineMark - The Ultimate Anti-Counterfeiting Solution for B2C Brands to protect your brand's value and enjoy complete digital control over your product movements.

QR Code-Based Warranty Management Solution

QR code technology has revolutionised digital warranty activation and management. With QR code warranty management, businesses can now enjoy hassle-free, paperless, and cost-effective warranty management by simply scanning a single QR code on each product.

With Genefied’s tamper-proof QR code and multi-layer authentication, businesses can easily eliminate warranty fraud and offer streamlined warranty registration and management.

Genefied has come up with Mobile warranty management with QR codes. It allows for automatic claim activation, which eliminates the flaws of manual warranty activation and generates claims in the system once the user and his warranty are generated.

The platform offers a digital dashboard that provides real-time performance metrics, data analytics, and coordination to improve customer-brand engagement.

How about a QR code after-sales support?

Genefied’s QR codes offer self-service portals for customers, 24/7 digital helpline support, and real-time coordination to help businesses offer after-sales services and maximise customer satisfaction.

The instant scan facility via QR code customer service that leads the user directly to communication support- Genefied’s QR code warranty management offers it all.

Introducing DWAM- a comprehensive QR code warranty management solution for brands to manage their warranty programs with ease and efficiency.

Leveraging the traceability power of QR codes, Genefied has introduced a solution that uses unique QR codes for supply chain traceability.

SupplyBeam is a QR code-based supply chain traceability and logistics solution that offers end-to-end transparency and security. Using its unique QR codes for every product, Genefied provides tamper-proof technology, which ensures real-time tracking, and multi-layer authentication, ensuring brand protection and product authenticity.

Genefied’s QR codes for supply chain traceability offers unit-wise data gathering from all channels, including the plant's finished goods, quality control, dispatch, distribution, and retailer traceability. This ensures complete transparency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain, preventing disruptions and increasing efficiency, ultimately resulting in reduced costs.

Track N trace feature via unique QR codes enables control over distribution while eliminating human error.

QR code-based supply chain traceability solution is cost-effective, scalable, and improves efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses.

With SupplyBeam, businesses can benefit from a lower employee footprint, streamlined communication, FIFO inventory management, and accurately tagged shipments.

QR Code Solutions: The Future of Marketing and Customer Experience

With the growing popularity of QR code-based solutions, it's no wonder that they are the future of marketing and customer experience. QR codes have the potential to revolutionise the way we make businesses engage with customers. QR codes are also used for personalised marketing, allowing businesses to target specific customers with tailored messages, loyalty rewards, offers, and promotions.

QR codes are a cost-effective way of enhancing the customer experience- loyalty rewards, gift cards, and contactless ordering options- all via unique and easy-to-scan QR codes.

QR codes and their Advantages.

QR codes are increasingly becoming an important aspect of providing digitalised tech-based solutions in the economy. Whether B2B or B2C brands, QR codes have taken a toll on their business operations and marketing capabilities. Here is why: Unique identification and tracking capabilities.

Tamper-proof, difficult to counterfeit or alter.

Store large amounts of data.

Easy and convenient to scan with a smartphone.

Integration of CRM databases.

Versatile and can be used in a variety of applications such as marketing, inventory management, loyalty enhancement, and payment processing.

QR codes are no longer just a trendy addition to your packaging or marketing material. With Genefied's tamper-proof unique QR codes, you can enhance your brand's customer engagement, streamline your supply chain, and protect your products from counterfeiting.

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