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Industry Trends

The fertilizers & chemicals industry is growing at a fast rate because the consumption of its product is massive globally. Various manufacturers have entered this market to mark their place and capture a larger share. There are certain trends that marketers need to keep abreast of to maintain their reputation in the market.

Global population is increasing at an alarming rate and is adding to the overall demand for food. As a result, the demand for fertilizers keeps on increasing to improve the productivity of the crops. On the other hand, population explosion has led to a decrease in per capita arable land. This poses more pressure on the agriculture sector to produce output in a short time and pushes the farmers to demand fertilizers at a higher rate.
The fertilizers & chemicals industry is consolidated and the top players hold a large share. Rest, small players have a smaller part of the market share. Still, the competition has intensified since the last few years and each manufacturing company is trying to break through the competition. With the increased use of chemicals and fertilizers in industries, the landscape has become competitive.
Manufacturers of fertilizers & chemicals are making their presence felt through digital medium like websites and social media. But this factor has also paved the way for consumers to compare the prices and quality or various products before making the final purchase decision. Manufacturers are bringing their best features forward and enhancing the consumer’s experience digitally.

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The hassle of tracking and tracing a product when it is out for delivery is not as easy as it seems because brand owners have various other things to do. Also, manual tracking and tracing has loopholes that can affect a brand’s reputation to a great extent. SupplyBeam by Genefied is the unrivalled track and trace service to make room for manufacturers to focus on other important tasks while SupplyBeam does its work.


Various big brands fail to separate their products from the counterfeit products that enter the market and damage its environment’s setting. But GenuineMark can help your brand build your game against counterfeit products and prove the genuineness of your product in the eyes of the consumers. This anti-counterfeit solution is crafted to make your brand stand apart from the deceptive products.


Retaining loyal channel partners like retailers and distributors requires a lot of smart work by brands. Businesses are looking for solutions like Rewardify that are designed to provide immediate gratification to the members of the supply chain. Brand owners can keep the retailers and distributors content and give them more reasons to stay connected with them.

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