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Industry Trends

Auto parts industry continues to climb new sales heights and consumers have a huge array of parts and accessories to choose from. The trends that transform the auto parts business are a mix of static and dynamic ones.

The digital influence has changed the way purchases are made by consumers. The focus has shifted to online purchasing and the consumers purchase everything after reading reviews and watching videos of the product. Manufacturers are coming forward with customer-friendly websites that have various features to enhance their experience.
Globalization of the auto parts industry has brought manufacturers to an extremity where they have to look for alternatives to reach the market at the global level. Competition has increased and automakers have adopted an architecture where similar parts from various manufacturers can be used in the same vehicle. With the world getting smaller, the industry’s standards are changing.
Consumers are relying on the Internet to research the quality and viability of the product. They can find the best deals for themselves by comparing the prices of auto parts on different websites. For suppliers, this aspect has brought a reason for pressure as they have to keep their price range as per the ongoing prices in the competitive market.

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The FMCG industry is the one that remains active throughout the year. Product makers keep a constant loop of producing goods and send them out in the market through a supply chain. In this industry, inventory management is a delicate aspect and doing it manually can affect the chain. But with a proper inventory management system in place, your brand can streamline the process of inventory management. SupplyBeam by Genefied is the most sophisticated and sorted solution to manage inventory and trace the movement of your products until it reaches its final destination.


Counterfeit or fake products damage a brand’s reputation and destroy the market standards. Verifying product authenticity of a genuine product gets cumbersome due to their presence. GenuineMark is the guaranteed solution to save the brand’s reputation and make it stand apart from the fake ones.


The marketplace has widened its horizon and has spread its scope beyond satisfying just the consumers. Smart brands are acting smarter and your brand can do the same by allowing solutions like Rewardify to maintain a loyal base that includes retailers, distributors and other partners. Our retail loyalty solutions are crafted in a way that earns the trust of the partners connected with your brand.

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