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Industry Trends

The business of beauty continues to defy gravity and has the largest potential to grow bigger and better. It seems like every day there is a new brand with a new idea on how to maintain one’s beauty. On top of that, there are certain trends that are keeping the manufacturers on their toes.

Consumers, mostly women, are on a journey to explore what suits their body and whatnot. This is what gives rise to the need for personalized and customized cosmetics products. The buyers are ready to reject even large brands if they don’t offer customized products. The big players of this industry are already using data and customer input to produce products that suit the needs of the user.
Beauty brands are beginning to adopt a transparent model that keeps the users educated on aspects like the sources and origin of materials and the true cost of manufacturing. This trend has become a support system for brands to gain the trust of their consumers- present and prospective. Various brands are coming up with unique models to represent transparency.
The clean beauty movement has stirred up the market and the consumers are seeking out toxin-free products. This has made brands more cautious about the ingredients/formula they use to manufacture their product line. Beauty brands can’t get away after making unsubstantiated claims and are doing proper research before floating any of their products in the market.

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The cosmetics industry is largely affected by the availability of fake products in the market. Such products come at cheaper rates and the worst part is that they are hardly any different in appearance from the original. GenuineMark by Genefied is the ultimate anti-counterfeiting technology to help brands disable counterfeit products from affecting their brand’s image. Consumers can check the authenticity of a product through a smart QR code scan and choose the right one.


Distributors and retailers are an inseparable part of the supply chain and no brand can do without keeping them satisfied. Rewardify is a trusted solution to retain their loyalty more smartly. This loyalty management system is a powerhouse of programs to assist brands in keeping these partners connected with them forever.


Tracking and tracing a product can consume a lot of time, which could otherwise be used for productive tasks. But SupplyBeam by Genefied has made it easy for brand owners/manufacturers to track the progress of delivery and trace its location at each step. Our track and trace technology is highly reliable and here to suit your brand’s needs.

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