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Industry Trends

Helmets and safety gears hold a dominant position in the economy. Trends keep on changing and manufacturers strive to adapt to the changes that come along.

Manufacturers are no more into manufacturing traditional safety equipment like hard hats. In fact, the manufacturing process revolves around producing quality helmets and safety gears that mimic the design of a climber’s helmet. The end-product comes out in a way that keeps the user comfortable and safe. This movement has brought awareness about the changing standards in the industry.
Users of these safety products are becoming more aware of the importance of ensuring safety for themselves while driving or working in a risky environment. Apart from this, people who are actively involved in some kind of sports utilize the safety gears and prioritize its need over other products.
The market is fragmented due to the presence of regional and small players at the global level. But there are a few big players that hold the audacity to be the industry leaders. Each manufacturer is levelling up his game by introducing features in his products like airbag jackets and vests, Bluetooth connectivity and more to attract consumers. All this is making the market highly competitive.

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Warranty is that aspect of a product that can make or break a brand’s reputation. Brands are always free to choose a suitable warranty management system like DWAM to build a reputed image for themselves in the minds of the consumers. With a solution that is backed by IoT, the brands can record a digital history on the web whenever their product enters the market. As a brand owner, you can enjoy complete validation of the process through this paperless warranty management system.


Brands often struggle to prove the authenticity of the product line due to the presence of counterfeit products in the market. GenuineMark is a strong response to the crisis that brands face. Consumers can educate themselves about the genuineness of a particular product through a smart QR code scan that comes with this anti-counterfeit solution. And the brands that leverage the potential of this solution are sure to get bigger returns.


The marketplace has widened its horizon and has spread its scope beyond satisfying just the consumers. Smart brands are acting smarter and your brand can do the same by allowing solutions like Rewardify to maintain a loyal base that includes retailers, distributors and other partners. Our retail loyalty solutions are crafted in a way that earns the trust of the partners connected with your brand.

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