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Loyalty Program for Wires and Cables in India:A Revolutionary Approach

Loyalty Program Wires and Cables

Explore the potential of consumer engagement with Scan & Win, India's leading QR code-based Consumer Engagement Program

The wires and cables industry in India is expected to experience a yearly growth rate of 15% from 2020 to 2025, reaching an estimated value of around $15.6 billion by 2025. What factors contribute to the loyalty in the wires and cables industry in India, leading to its success?

The escalating demand for power, infrastructure expansion, the adoption of smart grid technology, and governmental initiatives such as Make in India, Smart Cities Mission, UDAY, and Saubhagya are integral.

However, challenges such as counterfeiting, inefficient supply chain management, and the absence of robust loyalty programs persist, hindering the industry's potential.

Many cable and wire manufacturers still need to adopt wire and cable traceability, effective marketing strategies, and channel incentive programs.

Challenges Faced by Wires and Cable Manufacturers in India

In the absence of channel loyalty programs and wire & cable supply chain process management, the industry grapples with issues like product counterfeiting, lack of real-time tracking, and inefficient distribution processes.

Identifying genuine products becomes a significant challenge, leading to potential revenue losses and damage to brand reputation.

  • Lack of Digital Loyalty Solutions
  • Wire and cable businesses may face challenges in retaining and rewarding their channel partners, who are essential for reaching end customers and creating brand awareness.

  • Absence of Supply Chain Traceability
  • Wire and cable manufacturers and businesses may not be able to verify the origin, quality, and safety of their raw materials and products, exposing them to risks of counterfeiting, fraud, and recalls.

  • Missed Opportunities for Optimization
  • Without supply chain traceability, wire and cable businesses may also miss out on opportunities to optimise their operations, reduce waste, and improve their sustainability performance—demands increasingly voiced by customers, investors, and regulators.

  • Impact on Responsiveness
  • The absence of cable supply chain management solutions and traceability may impede wire and cable businesses in responding to disruptions and changes in demand, potentially affecting their customer satisfaction and profitability.

  • Risk of Losing Competitive Edge
  • In the absence of wires and cable tracking, the industry suffers from the risk of losing its competitive edge and market share to rivals offering more transparent, reliable, and innovative products and services.

Genefied Technology Solutions- Leading the Tech- Revolution in the Wires and Cables Industry

To address these challenges, Genefied offers tailored solutions to revolutionise the industry.

  • SupplyBeam: Transformative Supply Chain Traceability
  • SupplyBeam, powered by Genefied, stands as the industry's leading QR code-based end-to-end best wires and cables traceability solution.

  • Being the supply chain solution expert, its innovative software ensures tamper-proof technology with QR code-based end-to-end traceability.
  • Unit-wise data gathering and Track N Trace features for enhanced transparency.
  • Real-time best cable tracing and tracking to minimise supply chain disruptions and optimise efficiency.
  • Analytics capabilities for data-driven decision-making.
  • Up to 99.99% traceability and 70% infiltration control for cost savings.
  • Optimises supply chain operations and enhances efficiency, resulting in cost savings.
  • Rewardify: Retailer/Distributors/Electricians Loyalty Program
  • Rewardify, Genefied's QR code-based channel loyalty program solution, aims to boost customer loyalty across the wires and cables industry.

  • Leveraging point-based digital loyalty programs, Rewardify builds emotional connections, minimises churn rates, and automates marketing efforts.
  • End-to-end digitised reward management system for instant and flexible redemption.
  • Automation of marketing efforts for increased brand loyalty.
  • Strengthened relationships with supply chain partners.
  • The end-to-end digitised reward management system ensures instant and flexible reward redemption, fostering satisfaction.
  • Scan & Win: Elevating Consumer Engagement
  • Genefied has introduced Scan & Win, a QR code-based Consumer Engagement Program tailored to the loyalty program needs of the wires and cables industry

  • Empowers businesses to retain loyal consumers, boost sales, and capture valuable consumer data insights.
  • Upto 40%* sales boost and efficient data-driven campaigns.
  • QR code-based Consumer Engagement Program for retaining loyal consumers.
  • Virtual spinning wheel technology for instant consumer gratification.
  • Customisable channel engagement loyalty program solutions tailored to the wires and cables industry.
  • Actionable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences.
  • Increased brand revenue through smart consumer engagement strategies.
  • Genefied's comprehensive suite of solutions – SupplyBeam, Rewardify, and Scan & Win – directly addresses the unique challenges faced by the wires and cables industry in India.

    By implementing QR code-based loyalty and supply chain traceability solutions, businesses can safeguard their products from counterfeiting, optimise operations, and build strong, enduring relationships with both supply chain partners and end consumers.

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