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Accelerate Your FMCG Business with Retailer Loyalty Platform

30-12-2022 10:26:AM  | By

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) represents the market of those low-priced goods which are consumed real quick. Be it bottled water, juices, fruits, vegetables, cosmetics, dry foods, etc. Seeing the level of growing competition, there is an instant need to develop your unique Retailer Loyalty Platform.

Retailer Loyalty Platforms are the reward programs to keep your supply chain partners intact to your brand. They help you build the undivided loyalty of your retailers. Once you succeed in this, you are automatically on the path to earning huge sums.

One such program has been introduced by Genefied by the name-Rewardify. It is a QR-code-based product that helps you design your efficient loyalty platform.

Why does FMCG business need a QR-code-based Retailer Loyalty Platform:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods is a widely spread industry. There are multiple competitive brands available both in online and offline mode. Thus, it has become a dire necessity to adopt unique digitalized ways to make your retailers loyal to your brand. 

We are sure that your brand suffers from the following issues:

  • Lack of Digital Gratification:

There are a huge number of brands circulating in the market. The only reason your FMCG brand lacks is due to the absence of means to provide instant gratification to your supply chain partners.

  • Loyalty Issue:

Due to the lack of a stable and well-designed loyalty platform, retailers find it difficult to engage with your brand. Your brand is likely to lose authenticity due to poor service to supply chain partners. With poor retailer loyalty comes the poorer customer engagement. This is because Retailers otherwise act as your brand ambassadors.

  • Poor Traceability:

Non-digitalised solutions are the reasons for poor track and trace. FMCG business suffers at large due to the non-availability of tech methods to trace and validate the real-time data related to your retailers and distributors.

  • Decreased Revenue:

When your competitive FMCG brands have better loyalty platforms, your revenue is bound to fall. It runs in a cyclic motion, when retailers are unhappy, they will not help in brand promotion and engagement, this ultimately leads to poor customer response. Leading to a decrease in earnings.

  • Prone to counterfeiting:   

FMCG businesses need to adopt QR code-based plans to ensure protection against their pirates in the market. In the absence of digitalsed supply chain it is not possible to keep a check on the entry of counterfeits.

Benefits of QR-code-based Retailer Loyalty platform in expanding your business:

  • Instant Incentive and Rewards:

QR-code-based loyalty platform lets retailers scan the QR code immediately and earn the reward. It is either in terms of cashback on the large lots they are able to sell to consumers or in terms of discount which can be used in future purchases. 

  • Increased level of communication:

The QR code technology helps you communicate and connect with your retailers at any time. They feel emotionally connected when they can reach you without any hassle. This is only possible because of the digitized supply chain maintained via QR codes.

  • Supply Chain Traceability:

Rewardify helps you build a traceability cum loyalty platform. You can scan the outflow and inflow of your inventory at any point across the digital supply chain. Digitalised supply chain works upon the QR codes pasted on each product.

  • Anti-Counterfeiting:

Rewardify has a proven record of helping multiple industries improve their overall authenticity. QR code based Rewardify not only helps build up loyalty but also imposes control over pirate products in the market. QR codes are of single use nature and thus, it is difficult to copy them in any manner. 

  • Brand Reputation:

Retailer loyalty platform formed on the basis of QR codes benefits retailers in multiple ways. Retailers are the backbone of any business. Thus, if they are happy and feel engaged with your brand, they will spread good things about your business.

  • Increase in customer base:

An increased retailer confidence and loyalty is likely to uplift your customer base. A well established retailer loyalty reduces the marketing cost and the need to connect to customers directly.


FMCG is one such industry that is prone to loyalty issues with respect to retailers and distributors. QR-code technology helps provide them instant benefit. QR codes work on an ‘easy to scan’ facility via mobile phone scanners and thus, help you retain data for your supply chain partners. This data can be used further for efficient marketing. Simultaneously, it also acts as a means of earning rewards for retailers.

GenefiedTech’s QR code-based product is the dual player. It helps to design your loyalty cum traceability platform. 

Contact Genefied to re-define your outlook  towards your retailers and uplift your FMCG business via Rewardify-QR-code-based in terms of:

  1. Revenue
  2. Traceability
  3. Anti-Counterfeit
  4. Undivided loyalty of Retailers and Customer

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