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Effective Loyalty Programs for FMCG Companies: Tips for 2024

31-01-2024 03:04:PM  | By Jessica

In today's competitive FMCG market, keeping customers loyal is tough. Loyalty programs promise to help, but only when your FMCG brand offers a little extra as compared to other competitors. 

The big issue? 

How to keep customers coming back for more.

Now, how do you offer that extra for consumer engagement? 

How do you choose between a point-based loyalty program or a virtual spinning technology that offers instant rewards?

Managing loyalty programs isn't easy. But with the right software, it can be smoother. 

In today’s article, we will shed light on the upcoming loyalty program trends and tips for your FMCG management for 2024.

FMCG and Loyalty Programs in India

Loyalty programs are an essential part of any FMCG company’s marketing strategy. They help companies to retain customers, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. 

Based on our market research in the year 2023, we have curated a list of tips that FMCG brands must adopt for a successful loyalty program in 2024.

Creating and implementing effective loyalty programs for FMCG companies is not an easy task. It requires a deep understanding of customer preferences, market trends, and technological innovations. 

Here are some tips on how you can design and implement successful loyalty programs for FMCG companies in 2024:

Tip 1: Focus on Effective Consumer Engagement Platform

The primary goal of a loyalty program is to engage customers and keep them coming back. 

To achieve this, FMCG companies should focus on creating a consumer engagement platform that offers personalized experiences to customers. This can be done by using data analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences. By doing so, companies can offer tailored rewards and incentives that are relevant to each customer.

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Tip 2: Offer Instant Redemption 

Consumer Instant Redemption is a powerful loyalty program tool that can help FMCG companies increase customer engagement and loyalty. 

By offering instant rewards, companies can create a sense of excitement among customers.


Consumers would love to buy from you. 

This can be done by using mobile apps or QR code-based loyalty programs that allow customers to redeem their rewards instantly. 

For example,

The virtual spinning wheel adds fun and excitement for customers.

Instant rewards redemption works for long-lasting customer satisfaction.

Tip 3: Use FMCG Loyalty Management Software 

FMCG loyalty management software can help companies manage their loyalty programs more effectively. These software solutions offer multiple features, such as customer segmentation, reward management, and data analytics. 

QR codes are the best way to engage consumers. 

Genefied has designed a scan-and-win data engagement program that offers

Personalised Sales and Marketing 

Uprising Customer Retention.

Integration of CRM Databases 

Expansion in ROI 

By using these consumer engagement tools, FMCG companies can create more targeted and effective loyalty programs.

Tip 4: Gamification Elements

Incorporate gamification elements into your FMCG loyalty programs to make them more fun and engaging. Gamification may include levels, challenges, leaderboards, etc., to motivate and reward customers for purchases. 

Gamification can help you increase customer participation, retention, and advocacy. 

Genefied uses gamification to make loyalty more fun and engaging, leading to 40% less customer attrition. 

By offering digital and customisable reward programs, retailers can create a smooth and satisfying loyalty journey, building a strong bond with customers.

Tip 5: Focus on Customer Retention

Customer retention is the key to long-term success for FMCG companies, as it helps them reduce customer acquisition costs, increase customer lifetime value, and generate positive word-of-mouth. 

To retain customers and build loyalty, FMCG companies should offer loyalty programs that reward customers for their repeat purchases, referrals, feedback, etc.

Tip 6: Connect Customers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps in the world. It can be a powerful consumer engagement tool for FMCG brands to connect with their customers and keep them updated on their new schemes and offers.

Send personalised messages and notifications.

Share images, videos, and links to showcase FMCG products and services.


Loyalty programs can help you boost your sales, loyalty, and brand image, but they require careful planning, execution, and evaluation. By focusing on consumer engagement, offering instant redemption, and using FMCG loyalty management software, companies can create effective loyalty programs that drive customer engagement and loyalty.


Q.What's trending in loyalty programs in 2024? 

Loyalty programs are becoming more personalised and interactive, using data analytics and instant rewards. FMCG brands are adopting loyalty management software for better program management and customer segmentation.

Q.What's the future of loyalty programs? 

Loyalty programs will evolve to be more customer-centric, data-driven, and innovative. They'll offer emotional perks, social good, and experiential rewards while leveraging digital platforms for enhanced engagement.

Q.What makes a successful loyalty program? 

A successful loyalty program engages customers with relevant rewards, aligns with company goals, and uses customer data effectively. It should be easy to participate in and fun, with features like gamification and instant reward redemption.


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