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India's Agricultural Supply Chain: How to Deal with Agricultural Contamination Challenges

22-11-2023 11:24:AM  | By Jessica

In a recent study by the Environment Management and Policy Research Institute (EMPRI), the detrimental impact of using waste water in cultivating vegetables on contamination levels has come to light. This issue is not unique to Bengaluru but extends to various metropolitan areas, shedding light on the complex challenges within India’s agricultural supply chain. From input contamination stemming from polluted soil and water to the excessive use of pesticides and unscientific farming methods, the roots of contamination run deep.

Indian Agriculture News: Key Highlights

1) Deep Rooted Co-Founder Avinash B.R. addresses contamination challenges in the agricultural supply chain, emphasizing the need for a nuanced strategy.

2) Research by EMPRI exposes elevated heavy metal concentrations in vegetables due to wastewater use, surpassing permissible limits.

3) Avinash B.R. shares insights on contamination origins, focusing on input quality, pesticides, and post-harvest handling challenges in Bengaluru.

4) Holistic Approach to Contamination, comprehensive support systems for farmers, value-adding intermediaries, and educational campaigns to combat contamination.

5) Consumers should be urged to leverage regulatory frameworks, ask critical questions about produce, and demand transparency to drive positive changes in the supply chain.

Addressing Food Contamination Challenges

Avinash explains that contamination arises from various sources, including contaminated soil, water, and unscientific farming practices. Industrial effluents and sewage water contribute harmful substances, impacting the safety of produce.

Role of Pesticides

While pesticides are vital for pest control, their misuse and exceeding permissible limits can compromise product safety. Avinash emphasises holistic approaches, including improved farming practices and stringent monitoring.

Strategies for Contamination Prevention

Ensuring quality over short-term gains, Avinash advocates for comprehensive support systems, providing farmers with certainty in yields, input costs, and market access. Financial incentives and education on sustainable farming practices play a crucial role.

Value-Adding Intermediaries

Shifting focus to value-adding intermediaries can minimize contamination risks. Incentives and regulations can encourage intermediaries to prioritise product quality. Avinash highlights the need for consumer education on safe food consumption.

Empowering Consumers in Contamination Prevention

Consumer awareness is crucial. Supply chain complexities should be dealt with by leveraging existing regulatory frameworks like NPOP and FSSAI certifications for organic produce.

Asking Critical Questions

Consumers can demand transparency by asking critical questions about produce, such as its origin and harvesting date. Certifications claiming organic status should be verified, contributing to a safer food supply chain.

Deep Rooted's Role in Agricultural Supply Chain Solutions

Transparent Supply Chain Practices: Deep Rooted actively engages with users, offering immersive farm visits and sharing sourcing nuances.

Educational Initiatives: Through educational initiatives, Deep Rooted empowers consumers with knowledge about sustainable farming practices.

Procurement Process and Partnerships: The brand has formed strategic partnerships with e-commerce platforms like Zepto, Amazon Fresh, and Insanely Good.

Future of Agriculture in India: Overcoming Contamination Challenges

The recent revelations from EMPRI's study underscore a pressing issue within India's agricultural supply chain – contamination. This challenge, prevalent in metropolitan areas like Bengaluru, is deeply rooted in various sources, from polluted soil and water to the misuse of pesticides and unscientific farming practices.

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