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Transforming Retail Loyalty: Genefied's Rewardify Gamification Solution

04-12-2023 05:49:PM  | By Jessica


In the quest for customer loyalty, retailers are turning to the innovative world of gamification.

This not only boosts engagement but also enhances marketing outcomes. Recognising the importance of blending in-store and online loyalty efforts, gamification emerges as a fresh approach to engage customers beyond physical stores. It sparks interest, introduces new products, and, in the end, boosts sales. Let's explore how gamification is making a difference and how Genefied is leading the way.

What is Gamification 

Gamification involves incorporating game-like elements into non-game activities to make them more interesting or enjoyable. It often includes features like point scoring, scan&win, spin the wheel, and competition to enhance engagement with a product or service.

Types of Gamification offered:

Scan&win - QR code-powered consumer engagement.

Spin the wheel - Instant gratification to consumers through virtual spinning wheel technology.

Leadership board - Tiered-based loyalty - gold, silver, and platinum.

Reverse calculator - Helping clients understand the quantity they could scan and make relevant purchases.

Point-based redemption - Collecting points on every scan to win a one-time prize or reward.

Dream gift - Remind your customers daily about the pending amount they need to scan in order to win their dream gift.

What are the Benefits of Gamification for Loyalty Programs

The benefits of incorporating gamification into loyalty programs are significant, especially in today's landscape, where consumers expect businesses to understand their needs across various channels. Loyalty executives are expanding traditional loyalty programs into brand ecosystems, and gamification is the key strategy.

Benefits of Genefied's Rewardify: A Case of Success

Inspired by successful collaborations, Genefied's Rewardify has shown its effectiveness. For instance, Lyra and Baltra are currently using gamification-based retailer loyalty programs. The gamification element motivates customers to participate actively, fostering relationships and loyalty. The competitive nature encourages repeat sales and engagement.

Best Practices in Loyalty Gamification: Genefied's Approach

Genefied sets the standard for seamlessly embedding gamification into a brand’s loyalty strategy:

1) Drive loyalty with Genefied's cutting-edge Rewardify program, integrating QR code gamification seamlessly.

2) Witness immediate rewards and a significant up to 40% drop in customer churn rates.

3) Employ marketing automation for tailored communication and streamlined loyalty program administration.

4) Captivate retailers with compelling leaderboards, instilling FOMO and fueling repeat sales.

5) Simplify processes through real-time rewards redemption, ensuring a seamless customer journey.

6) Strengthen your brand's retention strategy with Rewardify's comprehensive suite, delivering data-driven insights and automated loyalty schemes.

The Future of Loyalty Gamification with Genefied's Vision

As Genefied's Rewardify continues to transform retail loyalty, the future promises exciting possibilities. With a focus on personalisation at scale, QR code based loyalty programs powered by gamification will strengthen, creating a more engaged customer base.

Leveraging technology from the rising prominence of Web3 to the growing influence of AI, Genefied shapes the next era of customer engagement.

Key Features of Rewardify:

1) Undivided Retailer Loyalty

2) Increased Customer Retention

3) Digitalized Loyalty Platform

4) Evolving Loyalty Program

How Genefied’s Gamification Retailer Loyalty Benefits Brand

Genefied’s platform offers comprehensive loyalty and rewards, ensuring customer engagement and data-driven decision-making. Rewardify captures up to 50%* of relevant data, automates repeat sales, and facilitates real-time reward redemption, creating a strong bond between your brand and its audience.

In conclusion, Genefied's Rewardify fuels the power of loyalty programs for retailers, making gamification a cornerstone of successful retail loyalty strategies. The future is personalised, engaging, and powered by the seamless integration of technology and human motivation.



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