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Rewardify is the Retailer Loyalty Platform that offers QR code based solutions to retain loyal retailers. Rewardify provides unswitched loyalty to the channel partners. Thus helps in increasing revenue, brand awareness and increasing customers.

What is the problem?

Gaining retailers and partners is easy, but keeping them requires more efforts.

Building loyalty in a competitive and digitally-driven channel can be overwhelming. But you can’t ignore the importance of having loyal supply chain partners to support your brand. The ever-increasing economic pressure makes it tough for brands to come up with solutions to win the loyalty of every partner. A loyal partner base in itself acts as a marketing channel that adds immense value to the brands.
Brands fail to connect with retailers/distributors, which lowers their value proposition. The problem exaggerates due to economic uncertainty. This makes it difficult for the brands to recover from the loss they suffered from unclear visibility of the scheme in the supply chain.

How does Rewardify help?

Loyal Channel Partners

It is more than important ever to retain channel partners today. Our loyalty management services help in making it successful. The program is a tried and tested way to keep distributors and other partners loyal to your brand. This way, you can also have a loyal partner base to help spread word of mouth and add immense value to your brand.

Build an Emotional Connect with the Product

Loyalty programs allow channel partners to connect with your brand through shared values and rewards. This will build an emotional connection between your brand and its consumers.

Increase in Revenue

With our loyalty programs, you will be able to see a sharp transcend in your revenue. Consumers will be keen to shop with you again due to their repeated experience/ interaction with your brand.

Benefits of Rewardify

Increase in Customer Base and Satisfaction

With digital retail loyalty programs by Genefied, your brand will be able to keep the existing partners. Genefied’s solutions have helped many brands in raising customer satisfaction levels. They feel valued by the brands, which leaves no room for dissatisfaction.

Enhance the Brand Name

It offers a perfect branding opportunity that enhances your brand’s identity.

Brand Authentication

Brand authentication is another benefit that you get from proper implementation of retail loyalty programs like that of Genefied Rewardify with GenuineMark. It helps brands to reserve a genuine image in the marketplace.

Empower your brand and experience the difference with our solutions to boost the loyalty of your channel partners.

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