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Current Scenario Of Consumer Loyalty Management In India

06-01-2023 04:16:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

Consumer loyalty has been the Holy Grail for brands across various verticals and the brands put in place the best of their strategies to woo the consumers. However, the dynamic market trends and increasing alignment towards digital channels affect consumer loyalty massively. The scenario of the consumer loyalty management system in India never remains constant as the Indian market is value-conscious. Indian buyers connect more with brands that enrich their experience with the product or services.

As per a study, Indians are the most demanding, yet most loyal consumers globally. This leaves you with a fair idea of how tapping into the potential that each consumer holds, can change the game for your brand. Let’s have a closer look at the features that make brands and loyalty program designer’s revisit their strategies to retain consumers.


Adapting to modern loyalty

Witnessing the current market situation, one thing that has made the brands active is everyday inching of the market towards modern loyalty. Consumers are looking beyond points earned and points burned. This interesting trajectory has opened more avenues for brands to experiment and leapfrog the obstacles to render a distinct consumer experience. 

In India, Genefiedtech is one of those names that have acted as catalysts to bring the concept of modern loyalty to market. It’s rich loyalty programs are catering to the modern needs of the brands. 

Introduction of attractive loyalty programs

In India, adaptation to modern loyalty has introduced various compelling loyalty programs that are setting benchmarks. Various industries generate great demand for loyalty programs to make their consumers stick to their brand. Top loyalty program management companies are already looking to create more avenues to introduce compelling loyalty programs. 

Smart QR code scans by Genefied is making millions of consumers gratified and loyal towards brands.

Inclusion of lower-middle-class consumers

Gone are the days when loyalty programs were only meant for middle-class consumers. Gradually, things changed and people from the rich community also became the target audience of the brands. At present, this strata contributes majorly to the revenues of the brands and this makes brands consider them seriously. 

You will find that Genefied app is easy to use for the people who are not so modern or tech savvy.

Integration of Big Data in loyalty programs

Big Data has come to the forefront to be used in loyalty programs to enhance personalization. With this, brands can personalize engagement with consumers over a period of time as it helps analyze the segment members based on demographics, reward preferences etc. Integration of Big Data has revolutionized the scenario of loyalty programs in India. 

Genefied solutions are a classic example of how Big Data can transform this emerging trend.

 Closing comments: Indian consumers are value seekers. If you can help them obtain it, then you are simply the winner of the game. 

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