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Customer Retention Strategy You Must Know

23-01-2023 09:56:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

Identification of customer metrics is basic essential when it comes to building up and styling your brand’s Customer Retention and Loyalty Platform. Customer is the king of the market and, to serve the king, you have to design the smartest program. If you succeed in it once, you shall earn the best when your king achieves his happiness. And, to earn the best in terms of lifetime value, higher orders, increased revenue, and higher brand authenticity you have to act upon cleverness and smartness. Prioritizing the customers and their respective satisfaction with regard to your company’s product is the most important thing currently.

“The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

– Sam Walton

Make and design a digitalized platform that ensures your results be legendary with regard to cost, efficiency, authenticity, and loyalty.  Using the digitalized solution is the only way to maintain your position in this competitive era. 

Challenges faced by a few of our clients?

Conventional methods do not have any value when it comes to rewarding your customers for their loyalty towards your brand. Simultaneously, Genefied has come up with a digitalized solution that has helped multiple brands in achieving their goals of maximum customer retention and thus, market growth. 

The QR-Code-based solution is performing well and helping the brands in keeping customers happy.

The market is full of brands and also the customers, who often get distracted by your competitors due to lack of your brand’s efficient loyalty platform. Thus, a well-rewarding customer loyalty platform is imperative for your brand’s goodwill.

Use of Obsolete methods:

Due to the dependency upon the traditional methods of rewarding the customers, brands are suffering from loss of customers. Our clients have been facing the same issues due to the non-use of digitalized methods until now. 

Lack of Consumer data insights:

Non digitalized supply chain and thus, the traditional methods are not practically feasible to collect the customer metrics nowadays. 

Lack of Customer Retention:

Inability to reward the customers in competitive ways due to the absence of a smart loyalty program is the biggest challenge. Our industry partners were prone to loss of current as well prospective customers due to the absence of any satisfying offers to gain the customers’ loyalty.

Downward Revenue stream:

Loss of customers and poor awareness about the brand’s capability is the reason for a downward revenue stream. Unless you start focusing upon retaining your customers via the digitalized rewarding scheme, they would easily run towards your competitors.

Costly Affair:

A precisely designed loyalty platform that works digitally is the only way to run your business effectively. However, the brands that adopt traditional methods also suffer from increased operations costs. Not only customers, but digitalized means are also the way to manage all your supply chain-related issues with ease.

How Scan&Win turned out to be a problem solver?

Scan and Win, the unique QR-Code-based solution for designing the Consumer Loyalty Platform of our clients have shown the revolutionary upward trend in their overall business performance.

Increased Customer base:

An effective Loyalty platform is an attraction for prospective customers. The more they feel valued by your services and thus, your brand, the more they are likely to become loyal to your product.

Instant gratification to customers:

QR-Code Based reward system allows the instant scan which can be done within the span of few seconds via phone scanner. Thus, customers gain instant happiness when they get the benefit of such sorts while making the purchase itself. The benefit is in the form of a money-back or discounts on the very next purchase. 

Increased Customer Lifetime Value:

Your brand’s effective marketing strategies directed towards the contentment of the customers help in building their value. No doubt you can not easily predict the future value however, it is guaranteed that our clients have been able to develop long term value by adopting our customer loyalty platform’s services and so can you!

Efficient marketing:

The loyalty program itself is the symbol of marketing for your brand and its products. The QR Code is the tool to access vital consumer data insights and thus, the way to reconnect with the customers whenever needed. Tracking analytics is a source for efficient marketing and increasing personalization.

Brand Goodwill and Advocacy:

Best customer service is ultimately the tool to build up a good image for your brand. It’s a win-win against your industry competitors. Additionally, loyal customers become your advocates and spread all the good words about the brand and its services.

Increased Revenue through increased order value:

The increase in customer loyalty leads to increase in attraction towards your brand and products. This automatically leads to the higher order values and thus, rise in over all sales revenue.

How to take the benefits of Scan&Win for your brand?

To feel valued by your customers, contact the best QR-Code Based service provider i.e. Genefied. Feel at ease and let them design the unique Customer Loyalty Platform for your brand depending upon your supply chain’s uniqueness.

We will rather be privileged to serve you while dealing with your customers while ensuring you of the rising graph in regard to your customers as well as your profits. A loyalty program is necessary to make your customers feel wanted and valued. Genefied is here to do these honours for you.

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