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Scan & Win

Scan&Win is the customer loyalty program to retain loyal customers. It leverages the power of QR code to provide instant gratification to customers . It will help in increasing sales, data capturing, retaining the customers.

What is the problem?

A brand that follows the principle of gaining a consumer, but does nothing to retain them fails in the long run.

Brands fail to identify the potential of retaining consumer’s loyalty. As a result, the customer base declines and they are unable to maintain their position in the marketplace which in turn affects the volume of sales.
In most of the cases, brands fail to determine the key loyalty habits of their consumers. This poses a major challenge for them to be able to work out what these habits are and how to address them.
Lack of innovation around the brand experience makes brands lose their existing consumer base. Consumers are smart and look for innovative consumer loyalty solutions to problems.
Use of conventional methods to keep consumers happy are not capable anymore. Still, many brands stick to those methods that do not render instant gratification to the consumers. Consequently, they lose their loyal consumers.

How does Scan & Win help?

Increase in Customer Base

Most of the brands rely on the existing customer base. The Scan & Win program by Genefied assists its clients to keep their consumers happy and loyal. Brands can count on revenue from repeat purchasers as they get immediate gratification from the program.

Consumer Data Insights

The program has the capability to record the data of the consumers. Brands can capture the consumers through the program along with the collection of insights.

Efficient marketing

The data that gets captured helps brands to re-connect for marketing. The consumers feel satisfied in getting different benefits from a particular brand.

Benefits of Scan & Win

Connect with End Consumers

Scan & win is a budget program for brands to connect with their consumers instantly. This strengthens the trust factor between the brand and the consumers.

Customer Satisfaction

With the QR code loyalty program, consumers can win digital coupons that make the consumers instantly satisfied and happy. The whole program is hassle-free and easy to process.

Efficient marketing

Brands get to access the data that gets captured through the program. Furthermore, the provided data can be used to re-connect for marketing purposes and to win the loyalty of the consumers.

Working towards keeping loyal consumers before the situation turns hostile is always the best option. Make the Scan & Wing program by Genefied a part of your brand’s success story.

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