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Digital Warranty Activation Management

22-12-2022 10:54:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

Digital Warranty Activation Management System(DWAM) is the one stop solution for end to end validation of warranty .It leverages IoT platform with data oriented model. It provides paper less warranty management to brands . It helps in preventing fraudulent claims of warranty which in turn helps brands.

What is the problem?

Brands provide a warranty for their products to the customers, but the problems that face them don’t allow them to keep their consumers happy. The issues that obstruct the way of brands are: 

  • Usage of Traditional Approach of Providing Warranty
  • The traditional approach of providing warranty involves a lot of manual labor. Still, brands fail to adopt the ways of providing digital warranty to their consumers. This weakens the connection between the brand and its consumers.
  • Fraudulent Claims of Warranty
  • Brands are losing a lot of revenue because of undetected fraudulent claims of warranty. Some people manipulate the hardcopy of bills to claim warranty. Brands can’t keep a check on all these practices through manual processes.
  • How DWAM solves it?
  • Warranties play an important role in the business cycle. They are also critical to the product’s sales and marketing. The features that make digital warranty activation management (DWAM) highly useful for brands are:
  • One-Stop Solution
  • DWAM by Genefied is a one-stop solution to manage the warranty aspect for brands. It provides a complete Digital Warranty Management System, thereby providing a hassle-free warranty system for brands as well as consumers.
  • Backed by IoT
  • With an IoT Platform, brands can record a digital history on the web for every case whenever their product is floated in the market. A statistical data-oriented model of the product offered is automatically created. It comprises of attributes such as the name of the consumer, address, contact details, the location and date of purchase, seller details, product details etc. on the internet.
  • Benefits of DWAM
  • DWAM is capable enough to remove the constraints related to warranty that may threaten a company’s profitability. The benefits that it brings for the brands entail:
  • Paper-less Warranty Management
  • DWAM provides a paperless warranty solution through Barcode/QR code rendering a digital platform for warranty systems.
  • End-to-End Validation
  • The solution renders complete validation of the process at the time of warranty claim process with the help of the document uploaded at the time of warranty registration. The process is smooth and hassle-free for both the parties.
  • Ultimate Digital solution
  • DWAM uses the Internet of Things and the latest technology to offer digital warranty solutions to brands irrespective of industry and the ultimate consumers in the market.
  • With smart products emerging in all industry sectors with growing time, traditional warranty techniques are going regressive in the 20th century. The digital warranty offered by Genefiedtech is the way to move forward for brands!



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