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The Future of Retailer Loyalty Platforms: Upcoming Trends

25-05-2023 01:09:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

In the rapidly advancing digital era, the future of your retailer loyalty program lies in the underlying technology that you use. We at Genefied believe that the success of a digital retailer loyalty system lies in harnessing the power of QR code technology. QR codes offer a convenient and efficient way to connect customers with retailers, enabling seamless transactions and personalized experiences. 

At Genefied, we have recognized the powerful potential of QR codes in shaping your brand’s future. 

How did we do that?

Our innovative QR code-based solutions are the award winners and the trusted name for QR-code-based services and products. 

Introducing Three Latest Methods-

Method 1: Unique QR Code For Every Unit.

The foremost and most commonly used method involves the unique QR Code per Carton, which enhances traceability and streamlines inventory management. Retailers can easily track individual cartons throughout the supply chain, download and register QR codes in bulk and gather valuable insights on product movement and customer preferences. 

Method 2: Unique Digital Coupon through Point of Sale (POS) Integration

The second method includes a distinctive digital coupon through Point of Sale (POS) Integration. It helps optimize customer engagement by integrating digital couponing systems with POS or DMS. Brands can activate unique digital coupons, simplify the registration process, and help empower retailers with customer insights for tailored loyalty programs and marketing strategies.

Method 3: Unique Physical Coupon with Individual Packs

Our third method combines the tangible appeal of physical coupons with the efficiency of QR codes.

Unique Physical Coupons with Packs Combine the tactile experience of physical coupons with QR code efficiency. Unlock special offers and rewards, gain insights into customer redemption patterns, and manage QR codes associated with physical coupons effortlessly.

Why QR codes for Retailer Loyalty Programs?

Simplify participation: QR codes make joining and engaging with retailer loyalty programs incredibly easy and hassle-free for your retailers/distributors/influencers/consumers. With a quick scan using their smartphones, they can effortlessly access exclusive offers, rewards, and discounts without the need for physical loyalty cards or complex registration processes.

Gather actionable insights: By incorporating QR codes into your brand’s retailer loyalty programs, you can capture valuable data to gain deeper insights into preferences, behaviors, and purchasing patterns. This helps to personalize loyalty offers, tailor marketing campaigns, and provide a more relevant and satisfying experience for customers, ultimately fostering stronger customer loyalty.

Cost-effective solution: QR codes present a cost-effective alternative to traditional loyalty cards and physical coupons. They can be generated digitally, eliminating the need for printing and distribution costs associated with physical materials. Moreover, QR codes can be seamlessly integrated into existing marketing materials or mobile applications, reducing infrastructure investments.

Real-time engagement: QR codes enable you to engage with customers in real-time. By leveraging dynamic QR codes, you can instantly update offers, rewards, or messages, ensuring that customers always receive the latest and most enticing promotions. This real-time interaction creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging customers to participate in loyalty programs actively.

Seamlessly connect channels: QR codes facilitate smooth integration across different marketing channels, bridging the gap between offline and online experiences. Whether it's scanning a QR code in-store, on the packaging, or in digital advertisements, customers can effortlessly transition between channels, resulting in a cohesive and omnichannel loyalty experience.

Why Genefied for your Retail Loyalty Program?

Genefiedtech is designed to offer an all-in-all tech solution that offers multiple benefits through a powerful retailer loyalty program

5 Reasons to Choose Genefied and its QR Codes for Your Retailer Loyalty Program!


Influence of Purchase 

Customer Feedback 

Incentivizing Influencers of Sales

Building Emotion / Fanbase

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