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Leveraging Supply Chain Data For Optimum Results

17-02-2023 09:57:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

Technological advances are creating a huge impact on the designing of Supply Chain strategies. Being a brand owner, it’s your responsibility to adopt the latest trends. It is necessary for the overall success of the organization But, how do you grab the relevant supply chain data?

Are you even using the right Supply chain Traceability Solution? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through it. Supply chain data may not be intuitive for businesses, but it is crucial in an ever-changing business environment. Genefied wants you to know about our best-selling product i.e. SupplyBeam. It is a QR code-based Supply Chain Traceability Solution. 

Why do you need the upliftment?

As a brand, you need to keep leveraging supply chain data from time to time. This data relates to each component of your supply chain. Each minute detail gets stored in online databases. And, there you go! You can access it anytime for any sort of future planning. 

Enhance your Competitive Advantage:

Leveraging Data Science can help your firm compete against your counterparts. This data helps enhance your supply chain’s performance. You can direct this information towards effective marketing strategies.


Your brand will see an upward trend in its profits.

Empowers Supply Chain Managers: 

QR code technology helps you retain important which can be used by supply chain managers. Their future planning becomes easy. This further improves the firm’s performance.But, this is possible if you are able to hold onto relevant data! 

Predict Consumer Behaviour:

An effective supply chain management relies upon supply chain data. An innovative SCM is the one that helps your brand grab analytics to forecast customer purchase behaviour. 


Utilize this supply chain data to meet the expected demand.

Do you face any of these challenges?

Difficulty in integrating the supply chain data across different platforms.

Data Fragmentation due to the absence of efficient Supply Chain Management tools.

High Costing and Delays in working.

Overcome Challenges with QR codes

Genefied’s QR codes are being used in the supply chain industry as a data collection tool. This innovative practice helps in Track/Trace/Record. Thus, making it easier for companies to be aware of every unit that moves along the supply chain. You can detect any fake product that enters your supply chain. This is possible with QR codes itself. Each QR code is unique and it cannot be copied.

Increase Customer Loyalty:

Today, QR codes are used to connect consumers to brands and their supply chains. They let you collect customer feedback and provide detailed information. Thus, you can easily link customers to marketing campaigns, content, contests, coupons, and app-like sites. This helps in building perfect loyalty platforms!

The convenience of QR codes:

The convenience of QR codes is undeniable. They are user-friendly. You can easily detect the information related to any product/carton/order by a quick scan. A mobile scanner works best for it.

Transparent Supply Chain Data:

QR codes enable the storage of seamless digital information. Each QR code is unique and non-cloneable. Thus, every transport can be traced across the supply chain without any hindrance.

Manage and Control Inventory levels:

QR codes ensure the speed and accuracy of the inventory tracking processes. Each unit is labelled with a QR code. At any point in time, complete data maintenance is assured. This is possible due to online databases and the effective sourcing of supply chain data.

Marketing and Advertising campaigns:

QR codes help detect any change in demand/supply or product recalls. This is the source of making regular updates in marketing and advertising strategies.

Customer Engagement:

The use of QR codes helps bridge the gap between brands and customers. Each unit is labelled with QR codes. Thus, by a quick scan, a customer gets detailed information, as needed by him. It helps build trust in your service and product quality.  This direct digital connection attracts more customers. The more they trust your brand, the more they engage with you, more loyal they become!

How can you leverage your Supply Chain data?

The data from the supply chain is also referred to as the “4th dimension of customer data”. You can direct this data to gauge consumer behaviour and trends. You can keep track of any suspicious entry across the supply chain. Implying that, QR codes also act as anti-counterfeiting tools. Re-design your current Supply Chain with Genefied, QR Code Services Expert.

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