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Loyalty Program Strategies for Grocery & Hypermarket

01-02-2023 10:33:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

A personalized and well-shaped Loyalty Program is a necessity. But, how do you make a Grocery Loyalty Program a unique one? With the technology taking over, Loyalty Program Strategies are becoming tech-focused.

Is your loyalty platform a digitalized one?

Is your current Grocery/Hypermarket Loyalty program shaped upon the basis of SMART Loyalty Program strategies?

Do you get to see the same customers daily or do they keep on changing?

Ask these yourself once and see where does your brand stand?

We are focusing upon Loyalty Program strategies because they are the main role players in helping you earn revenue by creating affective loyalty.

Loyalty Program Strategies need to match your overall business strategy.

Being a grocery store retailer you can also outshine your competitors and enhance your customer base. Wonder how?

By creating a sense of exclusiveness

Maximize personalization

Digitally Innovative Incentives and Rewards for customers

Grab real-time customer-related data.

Focussing on these benefits, Genefied has introduced a QR code-based Customer Loyalty Platform named Scan&Win.

Scan&Win is designed upon the basis of the latest tech-based Loyalty Program Strategies. QR codes are the hidden elements of gifting the brands with the ultimate success that they yearn for!

Scan&Win – Maximise Customer Loyalty-Minimum Cost-Uplift Revenue


Our client owns multiple chain stores all over India. With its inception in 2008, its growth continued until competition increased. Its customer base kept diminishing leading to a falling revenue curve. Its Loyalty Program was not giving expected results probably due to:

Reliance upon non-digitalized rewards system

Unattractive Offers


Lack of personal touch with end customers

Genefied, on its deep research, found out that their hypermarket chain stores were suffering due to a poorly formed Loyalty Program.

Use of Conventional Means

Our client was still sticking to conventional loyalty program strategies. Its loyalty program was card-based with a single-channel working. Must have seen the Hypercity card?

It lets you redeem points for further purchase when benchmarked points are earned.

Similar was our client’s loyalty program.


With competitive loyalty programs and their omnipresence, our client’s business experienced a downfall.

Poor Personalisation and Communication:

Conventional Loyalty Program Strategies result in the formation of poorly shaped loyalty programs. So was the case of our client. Its loyalty program omitted the importance of personally connecting with customers!

Customers were shifting to its competitors due to a lack of personal communication.

As we know, if you don’t treat the customer right, he will shift!!

Absence of real-time customer-relevant data:

If you have your customer’s data, you can treat them right. But, in the absence of customers’ relevant data your loyalty program strategies will go wasted. Our client’s hypermarket business worked on assumptions.

There was no heed paid to grab original customer data. This was again the result of non-digitalized means.

Delayed Claim/Returns Management:

The current era demands quick service. Customers believe in the early settlement of each of their needs. But if your brand lacks that ‘QUICK ELEMENT’, you will lose the game!.

When competition started rising, our client’s customers started shifting to alternative hypermarket stores.


Poor customer service and returns procedure were offered by our client.

Lack of Customer Satisfaction:

Customer retention decreased due to the absence of focus on the customer satisfaction element. Our clients’ hypermarket loyalty program strategies were focused upon mere discounts and offers. To add on, they were common to all.

Also, the card point system was unattractive as compared to QR code-based loyalty program strategies.

Poor Supply Chain Traceability:

Our client’s Hypermarket Loyalty Program Strategies did not result in transparency. Supply chain traceability is the foremost element that helps you control your business. This further caused service redundancy towards customers.

An imbalance between operational costs and revenue:

Excessive reliance upon convention loyalty program strategies resulted in high operations costs.


Digitalized solutions are cost-effective and also easy to implement.


After a detailed analysis of our client’s history and Hypermarket business, we offered them our QR code-based solution.

Scan&Win- QR code-based Customer Loyalty Platform

It is shaped upon the most effective and tested Loyalty Program Strategies.

Hype your Customer Acquisition and Retention with QR codes and related Loyalty Program Strategies.

Genefied developed the Unique Customer Loyalty Platform for our client based upon the following Loyalty Program Strategies:

Proactive Customer Support:

By shifting to digitalized loyalty program strategies, our client is now able to serve 24/7. The customer service support is proactive. Promotions, rewards, and new offers are all shared via offline & online means.

Now, their loyalty program is giving the desired result. Since, customers can contact the service via emails, WhatsApp, and robot-chat. Online databases make this digital support possible.

Quick Reward Redemption:

Genefied’s Scan&Win resulted in quick reward redemption for our client’s hypermarket customers. As opposed to their old card-based loyalty now, QR codes work. Customers get a quick reward on ‘instant scan’ of QR codes.

Each unit served in its hypermarket is labelled with QR codes. They make the loyalty program a complete success.

Undivided Customer Loyalty:

Scan&Win aims at Loyalty Program Strategy of non-diverted Customer Loyalty. This is the result of the omnichannel presence of our client’s service platform.

Whether offline or online, customers get:

Easy Complaint Resolving

Instant rewards

Quick Queries 

Our client has seen an upliftment of its customer base after being able to serve them personally.

Real-Time Customer Data:

Our client is now focused upon the loyalty program strategies of obtaining real-time data. This data is made available via QR codes. Scan&Win helps you attain that. QR codes can store huge data. This also gets added via post-purchase communications.

As soon as the customer scans the code on the unit he purchases, his data is updated in hypermarket databases. Thus, you can direct it towards shaping marketing policies.

Personalized Offers: 

Our client is now able to focus on the customer’s needs and preferences. They offer personalized offers and discounts to each customer based on their past purchases.


These insights are available via feedback received from previous purchases.

Attractive Loyalty Program:

After adopting Scan&Win our client-HyperMarket chain store brand has built a unique and attractive loyalty platform. It is designed keeping in view loyalty program strategies of:

low costs,

high revenue,

and digitalized means.

Successfully obtaining insights into customer behaviour, is leading to a famous name.

Protection against counterfeiting:

Our Loyalty Program Strategies also assure anti-counterfeiting protection. This is possible via QR codes. Thus, protecting each element and each unit from counterfeiting. Also, supply chain traceability ensures 100percent protection against any suspicious entry.

With pure trust and brand authenticity comes an increase in customer base.

How can you benefit from Loyalty Program Strategies?

QR codes are the basic tools behind the success of our Loyalty Program Strategies. All these strategies when combined are sure to give your Hypermarket/Grocery business benchmarked revenue.

How to approach us?

Deploy premium loyalty experience for your customers with us. Scan&Win helps you deliver personalized benefits for your customers.

In return, they are bound to become loyal to your HyperCity/grocery store.

90% of customers agree to buy groceries from stores that offer personalized services.

Thus, serve your customers via the closest network i.e. QR codes.

QR codes let you gain loyalty via means that go beyond rewards and discounts.

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