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Rewardify: Revolutionizing Customer Brand Loyalty with Gamification

07-03-2024 10:31:AM  | By Jessica

Customer loyalty is the key to success for any business, especially in the competitive and dynamic market of 2024. A loyal customer is more likely to buy from you again, refer you to others, and leave positive feedback. But how do you create and maintain customer brand loyalty? How do you reward your customers for their continuous purchases and engagement?

Let us figure it out!

One of the most effective ways to do that is by offering a retailer loyalty program. A retailer loyalty platform is a marketing strategy that gives customers incentives. It can be discounts, freebies, or exclusive access for buying or interacting with your brand repeatedly. A retailer loyalty platform can help you increase customer retention, satisfaction, and lifetime value.However, not all customer brand loyalty programs are created equal. Some are more appealing, engaging, and profitable than others. Some are more suited for your business goals, industry, and target audience. 

So, how do you choose the best customer loyalty program for your business in 2024?

In this blog, we will introduce you to a revolutionary gamification-based retailer loyalty platform that is taking the market by storm. 

Rewardify- Best Retailer Loyalty Platform

Let's talk about Rewardify. It is a revolutionary gamification-based retailer loyalty platform that's making waves in the industry. Rewardify stands out as India's premier QR code-based customer brand loyalty solution. It's not just a loyalty program; it's a comprehensive system. It is designed to enhance customer brand loyalty for all supply chain partners. By utilising unique QR codes, Rewardify ensures seamless brand loyalty.

What sets Rewardify apart is its point-based digital retailer loyalty platform. 

This program isn't just about collecting points; it's about building customer brand loyalty.

With Rewardify, you can enjoy unswitched loyalty, minimising churn rates by up to 40%. 

Plus, marketing and consumer loyalty automation through digital dashboards make it easy to connect.

Retailers, distributors, influencers, and consumers- engage with all.

Rewardify offers end-to-end digitised reward management and redemption with flexible schemes.

Customers can enjoy instant reward redemption through easy-to-scan QR codes.

So, why should you choose Rewardify for your brand? 

Firstly, it's a retailer loyalty program based on gamification. It guarantees instant redemption of rewards in real-time. 

This not only fosters customer engagement but also sustains relationships with supply chain partners.

But that's not all. 

Rewardify benefits your brand by automating the gathering of sales data for effective decision-making. It automates loyalty schemes to enhance customer brand loyalty and experience.

With leaderboards creating a sense of FOMO among retailers, Rewardify drives repeat sales.

Automation of repeat sales increases the influence of repeat purchases by up to 60%

Plus, retailers can request replenishment. They can create orders through the digital dashboard, streamlining operations. 

With Rewardify capturing up to 50%* of relevant data, you can build customer brand loyalty and relationships.

What Extra Does Genefied Offer that Other Brands Don’t?

When it comes to loyalty programs, Genefied stands out with its exclusive SaaS-powered brilliance. 

Unlike other brands, Genefied ensures swift go-to-market execution. This makes it the pinnacle choice for customer brand loyalty in industries. With consultative expertise in ethical data management, Genefied offers an unparalleled experience.On the other hand, other loyalty brands often fall short. 

They rely on minimal SaaS utilisation. They may suffer from extended go-to-market durations. These brands often prioritise a solely sales-driven approach, compromising on data security measures. Additionally, they lack interactive gamification elements, leading to alarmingly high churn rates.

In essence, Genefied sets the standard for retailer loyalty programs. It offers innovative features and a commitment to excellence. Thus making its retailer loyalty platform the smart choice for brands looking to maximise customer brand loyalty.


Genefied offers comprehensive solutions to enhance customer brand loyalty in 2024. With its innovative approaches and focus on customer engagement, it stands out as a top choice for brands. Are you looking to build lasting relationships with your customers and partners? 

Experience the difference today and empower your brand with our retailer loyalty platform.

FAQs| Customer Brand Loyalty

Q. What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is when a customer chooses to buy from a company repeatedly, regardless of other options, based on satisfaction.

Q. How do you build customer brand loyalty?

To build customer loyalty for B2C brands, incentives, discounts, and excellent service are key. For B2B brands, it's about delivering quality and nurturing relationships.


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