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Warehouse Management System For Consumer Durable Industry

01-12-2022 05:47:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System is a complicated set-up that requires constant maintenance. An effective WMS needs optimization in regular cycles. This ensures smooth business functioning via internal traceability.

When we specify Internal Traceability-we mean to talk about your Warehouse

However, how do you know whether your WMS is giving you the required results?

Is it giving your complete inventory control? 

With WMS software, businesses can take control of inventory. It becomes easier:

  1. to perform cycle counts,
  2. track shipments,
  3. and monitor expiration dates, among inventory-related things. 

QR codes are the latest tools for running Warehouse Management Systems. It improves inventory visibility through QR codes labelled across each rack and over each product. QR codes keep inventory organized.

INTRODUCTION-Client from Consumer Durable Industry

Our client is one of the leading electronic companies in India. It manufactures LED bulbs and other electric consumer durables. 

Despite having a good investment, our client was unable to attain benchmarked revenue. In our analysis, it was found out that there was excessive reliance upon manual data. 


Absence of real-time data concerning inventory.

A Warehouse Management System cannot rely upon manual data.

Genefied, the trusted name for QR code-based products on research found the following:


  • Lack of Internal Traceability in Warehouse:

Due to the absence of required technology and tech solutions, our client had no control over inventory. There were no reliable digital means to track and trace any movement of goods in the warehouse. It was totally dependent upon maintaining register records.


It suffered from quick traceability of goods be it the inward or outward movement from the warehouse. A warehouse management system cannot give positive results unless it uses the latest technology.

  • Errors in Return Management:

It is the joint set-up of procurement, manufacturing and distribution services

that builds the brand’s economy. But, a single error in recording an entry, causes huge issues. One such problem is bound to occur due to manual counting and inventory maintenance. So was the problem with our client. Due to errors in data recording, it suffered problems in returns management. in its warehouse. 

These errors are the result of inaccurate inventory and a lack of digitalised solutions. Picking/dropping management and absence of automatic inventory updation.

  • Poor Rack Management:

Electric goods need proper care and handling. Also, a digitalised record maintenance due to big lots of inventory. Our client experienced the same issue. Due to big orders, FIFO couldn’t be followed. Maintaining the warehouse space for every inventory inflow or outflow is important. 

But, our client couldn’t handle this issue. It resulted from dependency upon manual labour to manage the racks inside its warehouse. As we know, the human task is prone to error. This is what our client experienced too!

  • Poor Inventory/Demand Management:

Our client used all manual ways to manage its inventory and stock in its warehouse.


Difficulty in stock maintenance while order processing, return updation, export and shipping. Every single order from the warehouse becomes hard to manage. Furthermore, due to the absence of real-time data, the Warehouse Management System turns out to be a failure!

Demand needs to be matched with the inventory in your warehouse. Our client failed to align them.

  • Supply Chain Disruptions:

Warehouse Management System is the node to various points across your supply chain. A failed WMS will cause dents in your supply chain. So is the story of our client. 

It failed to coordinate inbound and outbound operations. due to lack of visibility, 

  • Errors in Order Processing:

Due to the absence of quick and reliable data, order processing suffers. Our client lost a few orders and suffered losses due to huge time in pickup, and shipping. Also, lack of inventory control in the warehouse lead to wrong orders too.

  • Inaccurate Data Availability:

This is the main issue that has caused other problems to our client. The absence of technology leads to in-accuracy. 


Warehouse Management is not a one-man show. It cannot give you positive results unless IoT based supporters are used.

  • Excessive dependency upon labour:

Too much reliance on manual labour leads to multiple problems. Their number and services cost you more as compared to AI. Also, manual tasks and data calculations are subject to errors. So was the case of our client. Rather than using AI and IoT based tools, it used manual labour for every task.

The solution offered by Genefied:

After analysing the flaws in our client’s current Warehouse Management System, we offered a QR code-based product.

With HybridOcean-Maximise Internal traceability of Your Warehouse

HybridOcean works on QR codes. It is designed to empower you with complete inventory control.

Yes, this is what we guarantee. And, here is the storyline as to how we helped our client from your industry.

Benefits/Solutions provided by HybridOcean

  • Increased Internal Traceability:

Overcoming the problem of traceability, our QR codes became our client’s saviour. Be it indoor positioning, rack management, indoor shifting, or outdoor moment everything can be traced via quick scan.

  • Inventory Control and Management:

QR codes have helped our client keep the deepest control over its inventory. Every intake and outflow of every single unit is under the scanner. This is made possible with QR codes Labelled across each product. It leads to internal inventory tracking. Our client is now able to keep control over the complete supply chain. Each inflow or outflow is automatically updated in the digitally maintained inventory records. Any missing stocks are alarmed about at instance. Exact returns in regards to (failures, return to stock, distortion) are highlighted.

  • Rack Management:

The warehouse has multiple racks. Each rack has multiple bins. QR codes have helped our client to efficiently manage the placement of goods on each rack. Manual records are no more required. HybridOcean lets you tag each unit with a unique QR code.

 Additionally, each QR rack and the bin has the placement of QR codes of units kept on them. Thus, the whole process is interlinked. 

As when a unit is picked or dropped, 

  • Dynamic Information:

Quick and real-time data is easily available. HybridOcean helps our clients by providing dynamic data related to each aspect. This data works for the overall functionality of their business. Comparing data over time and driving changes required.

  • Production Forecasting and Management:

Providing the entire control and internal traceability, our client benefitted in accurate forecasting. QR codes lead to automatic data updation. Using such data, strategic decisions for business growth can be taken.

  • Enhanced Internal Communication:

Manual tasks and thus, the time involved in them is reduced. QR codes help in flawless Warehouse Management. Time in order processing, order packaging, etc has reduced. This has resulted from links developed on the basis of QR code WMS’ functioning.

  • FIFO Management:

During the time of order processing, an alarm rings up. This alarm is a guide for the picker. It points out the goods which were received first and need to be taken out first ie. FIFO management. This is the top benefit of Hybridocean. It helps the brand prevent product damage due to expiry.

Hereby, Genefied’s solution proved to be a saviour for our client. The client is now able to focus on its core competencies. Our Warehouse Management System ensures coordination among:

  • Operations of Warehouses
  • Distribution, and Shipping Center

Perks of using QR-code based Solution for Warehouse Management-HybridOcean

  • Real-Time data:

QR codes can record huge amounts of data. Also, they give instant information via a single scan. This data is fuel to all components of your supply chain and its functioning. The Warehouse Management System works upon this real-time data.

  • Accuracy and Speed:

As compared to other methods of WMS, QR codes lead due to accuracy. They reveal data in a quick scan. They are the elements to attain speedy functioning in the business functioning.

  • Easy Implementation:

QR codes are the easiest tech solution. They let you attain positive results in your Warehouse Management System.

  •  ‘Easy to scan’ 
  • Tamper Proof
  • Cost-Effectiveness:

Each unit is labelled with pre-printed QR codes. The cost of pre-printed QR codes is less as compared to other tech tools. HybridOcean is the most economical WMS in the market. 

  • Automated Inventory Updation:

A single scan works for the goods that inflows or outflows out of the warehouse. Digital inventory is automatically updated in digitally maintained inventory records.

  • Increased Communication with end consumers: 

QR codes help you maintain the undivided loyalty of customers. They are the means for customers to track their orders. Also, they can access and track any data related to your company, and raise their concerns.

Benefits for Business

  • Customer Metrics:

Our QR code-based solution is a one-stop-shop for your brand. Besides enhancing the internal traceability of your warehouse, it provides real-time data related to your customers. Based on this data, you can strategically design your marketing and future production strategies. 

  • Operational Efficiency:

Our QR code product promises operational efficiency. It is reflected in the forms of processes and physical placements in the warehouse. QR code functioning allows maximum internal traceability in your warehouse. This traceability smoothens productivity and increases asset utilization.

  • Profit and Revenue Upliftment:

Operational efficiency with maximum inventory control streamlines all tasks. Our cost-effective solution guarantees revenue upliftment. Our client did achieve benchmark profits. 


QR codes have proved to be the best IoT-based solution for the success of Warehouse Management. Hereby, Genefied is the trusted name when it comes to effective and positive result-oriented Warehouse Management Systems.

If your brand suffers from the above-mentioned challenges, now is the time.

It is never too late to bring change.

Let Genefied update your Warehouse Management System with QR codes. We guarantee an automatic and complete inventory control in your hands.

Call our experts if you wish to: 

  • Eliminate Warehouse Wastage
  • Streamline Warehouse Operations, 
  • And, achieve efficiency in warehouse activities via INTERNAL TRACEABILITY!!

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