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What is Anti Counterfeiting and how is it affecting us?

20-12-2022 10:50:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

What is Counterfeiting ? 

As per the International Anti Counterfeiting Council an establishment protecting brands since 40 years, counterfeiting is distributing or manufacturing someone else’s products secured under certain trademark for financial benefits without their permission. It is a federal, state crime as the imitation of goods are made from poor quality to gain undue advantage of brand’s loyalty and trust and ultimately harm the consumers
As per a dictionary the term Counterfeit means 

What types of products/goods can be counterfeited?

Auto parts, Liquor and Wine Pharmaceuticals Solar Panels / Batteries Baby and organic Food products ToysLuxury Goods Apparels Beauty and Cosmetics FragranceFMCG Currency Documentation
Anything tangible which can felt or touched can be counterfeit unless there is source which links to the main brand owner who has/her actually produced the good. 

Does it affect us ?

Health hazard:  Some products if replicated like liquor wine, pharmaceutical drugs, baby food, cosmetics or auto parts can directly affect your health and family. They can be dangerous to all the mankind and should be strictly made sure are produced with utmost originality and counterfeit free. 

Identity Theft: When you buy from illicit traders online or offline you are at a risk of buying again. your data is traded and not secured. Since the channel of the source is unknown it can be dangerous for your identity to be revealed in the wrong hands.

It affects your Economy: Counterfeit goods are illegal hence they do not pay taxes which they take from you. The money ultimately doesn’t go to the government and hence there lesser or no money from that trade.

It support crime and child labour:The money since it cant go into taxes, it goes into terrorist activities and hence it becomes seemingly challenging for government in the longer term. Apart from this counterfeit do not pay their employees fair wages and have irregular employees who are underage to pay them less. 

Affects Brand Owners:  brand owners are the most affected due to counterfeiting. They are the one’s with proprietary knowledge and information for which they deploy humongous resources and employability. This is certainly affected when the competition from the counterfeit kicks in and a major of profit is lost thus affecting jobs, new product development and higher prices.

What are some methods of being safe?

Take care of 3 things and you might be able to figure out Price: Low cost or looks to good to be true  Packaging: If it looks fake it might be fake be cautious before you buy itPlace: In store purchases from the right vendors might safeguard you. Buy from authentic online website.  But these are older ways to detect fake, a human eye could still make a mistake, we bring you a revolutionary idea to have a look at the product with 100% guarantee.

Look up for GenuineMark QR code, Download the app and simply scan

We at GenuineMark provide anti counterfeiting technology on the packaging and remove the word might from the dictionary of the buyers. Since every QR code is a level for encrypted QR code and can be scanned all other parameters of detecting fakes can be ruled out. 

Thanks for reading! 

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