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RoIe of Typical Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Software in 2023

09-06-2023 12:14:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

In the ever-evolving world of commerce, brands face a constant battle against counterfeit products. In today's digital age, where online marketplaces have become a breeding ground for fraudulent activities, protecting your brand and customers has become paramount. As a responsible brand owner,  you must understand the value of authenticity and the trust it instills in your customers. That's why staying cautious with cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting solutions is crucial.

GenuineMark- Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Solution to suit all your needs!

Introducing GenuineMark, one of the best anti-counterfeit solutions that entrust your customers and safeguards your brand. Developed by Genefied, GenuineMark is a unique one-stop-shop QR code-based end-to-end anti-counterfeiting tool devised to protect your company, revenue, and customers from the risks associated with counterfeit products.

Currently serving varied brands from industries like Electronics, Cosmetics, FMCG, and even the auto parts industry in India, Egypt, and Dubai, Genefied and its unique IOT-backed anti-counterfeiting software is helping brands with security, authenticity, and digitalized protection.

With GenuineMark, you can enhance your brand's authenticity by quickly identifying any counterfeit product within your supply chain. Each product is assigned a unique QR code that acts as a digital fingerprint, allowing customers to scan and verify your products' authenticity quickly. This protects your brand, empowers your customers to make smarter purchasing decisions, and ensures retainment.

Primary features of GenuineMark that make it the preferred choice in 2023

Tamper-Proof Technology with Infiltration Reports: GenuineMark incorporates tamper-proof technology that ensures the integrity of your products. Infiltration reports provide insights into any attempted breaches or unauthorized activities, enabling you to take immediate action.

Multi-Layer Product Authentication: GenuineMark employs a multi-layered approach to product authentication. Each QR code is encrypted, providing an added layer of security against counterfeiters.

Geo-Fencing for Infiltration Track and Trace: With GenuineMark, you can geographically fence your distribution network, allowing you to track and trace product movements from the point of production to the point of sales and beyond. This helps identify potential infiltration points and enables swift action against counterfeiters.

By choosing GenuineMark, you benefit from a cost-effective digital brand protection solution

It seamlessly integrates with your current packaging, minimizing the impact on your budget and ensuring user-friendly implementation.

The addition of a tamper-proof QR code adds an extra layer of digital security to your products, instilling trust in your customers.

With GenuineMark, you gain real-time insights through quick alerts. The unique QR code on each product enables rapid detection of counterfeiting attempts, allowing you to respond promptly and protect your brand's value.

Furthermore, GenuineMark's comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution helps drive increased customer lifetime value (CLTV). By building trust and ensuring the genuineness of your products, you create a positive customer experience that encourages repeat transactions and long-term loyalty.

Transparency and accuracy are cornerstones of GenuineMark. Each unit's multi-factor authentication and unique QR code offer complete brand protection and give you digital control over every product's movement. You can track and monitor product distribution through a user-friendly digital dashboard, ensuring authenticity throughout the supply chain. 

Why Choose Genefied for Your Brand’s Overall Digital Protection?

Personalization and Integration: The information apprehended by GenuineMark allows you to offer personalized rewards and tailor your loyalty program to suit individual customer preferences. Genefied's solution combines anti-counterfeiting with loyalty management, providing a seamless and integrated experience.

Targeted Market Strategies: GenuineMark's ability to capture consumer purchase behavior and insights empowers you to shape targeted marketing strategies. By understanding your customers better, you can refine your messaging and product offerings to cater to their specific needs.

Strengthened Customer Relationships: With a single tamper-proof QR code, Genefied’s anti-counterfeiting solution enables customers to verify the authenticity of your products. This transparency builds trust and strengthens customer engagement, fostering long-term relationships.

Enhanced Product Experience: GenuineMark offers 24/7 direct communication channels, ensuring your customers have a seamless and satisfying experience with your products and brand.

Repeat Sales: Trust, transparency, and anti-counterfeiting control, all facilitated by a single QR code, contribute to increased repeat sales. Customers, including your retailers, distributors, and influencers who trust your brand and know they are purchasing genuine products, will likely become loyal repeat buyers.

Digital Transparency: GenuineMark provides real-time visibility into product movements across your supply chain. Instant alerts notify you as soon as a fake or copied unit is detected, allowing you to take swift action and maintain the integrity of your brand.

Complete Brand Protection: By deploying Genefied's QR code anti-counterfeiting solution, you can significantly reduce fraudulent activities, providing a full shield of anti-counterfeiting protection for your brand.

In this ever-evolving world of e-commerce, digitalization, and now AI, protecting your brand and customers from counterfeit products is vital. With GenuineMark, you have a powerful ally that ensures authenticity, builds trust, and strengthens your brand.

To build a strong brand integrity, competitive anti-counterfeiting solution, and secure your brand's future with GenuineMark, the best anti-counterfeit solution in 2023, contact our experts today!


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