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How Anti-Counterfeiting Solution Helped Bisleri Curb Piracy?

23-12-2022 11:26:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

With more than half of the market being flooded with pirate products of famous brands,  Anti-Counterfeit Solution comes to the rescue. Anti Counterfeiting involves all those steps that are undertaken to prevent your Brand’s counterfeit products from spreading in the market. Brands are working hard to choose the best Anti-Counterfeit Solution to protect their brands’ authenticity in the market by protecting their supply chain from any kind of counterfeiting and fraud. Maximum end-to-end traceability is needed throughout the supply chain to trace out the originality of the product in the market.

  1. Lack of Traceability

Due to the lack of digitization in the Supply Chain, companies fail to trace their supply chain at each point. This leads to the lack of control over all the points running through your brand’s supply chain and products’ legitimacy. All the factors give a boost to ease the process of original products being switched with counterfeit products at any point in your supply chain.

  1. Increased Duplicity

Lack of end-to-end traceability keeps on giving way to the multiple duplicates of your brand to enter into the market. This is not only harmful to the company’s revenue and sales but also in maintaining the current loyal customers.

  1. Depleted Brand Authenticity

Lack of visibility and control over your supply chain and simultaneous rise in the company’s products’ pirates leads to a decrease in the overall brand’s authenticity. Counterfeit products can enter into the supply chain through retailers and thus, threaten the brand’s image as well as revenue.

  1. False Product Label

A rise in the counterfeit problems surrounding the company is highly observable from false/fake product labels. This in no way is a good signal as the consumers fall prey to fake labels easily.

  1. Fallen Product Integrity

Increased Pirate products are not only fake in terms of physical appearances but also low in their quality. Thus, customers tend to run away from the company’s competitors leading to the brand’s products’ fallen integrity and customer base.

  1. Loss of Money and Time

The company has to suffer a huge loss in terms of money and time while being able to come across the best Anti-Counterfeit Solution that best fits their Supply Chain.

How GenuineMark helped Bisleri?

GenuineMark, the QR-Code Based Anti-Counterfeit Solution by Genefiedtech has helped multiple brands in protecting their brand image by ensuring their products’ authenticity and securing their supply chain. Similarly, it has also helped Bisleri (India’s Largest Packaged Water Brand) in curbing their products’ pirates in the market.

GenuineMark provides secured identification, end-to-end traceability using the most authentic tools to help the brands.

  1. Two Layer Authenticity:

QR Codes provide two-layer authenticity. There is a QR code that can easily be scanned that leaves a verification code on your number. Also, there is a brand-specific hologram that can be scratched that provides the third encryption

  1. End-to-end Traceability:

Each QR code is unique for each product. This ensures traceability across the supply chain and the impossibility of copying the QR codes for counterfeiting. Traceability can be done at ease which is beneficial for the brand as well

  1. The uniqueness of QR Codes:

GenuineMark provides the blockchain-based unique QR Code for the entire product line. Similarly, the series for the QR codes are machine-generated. Thus, the possibility of piracy of your product in the company’s product in the market is nil.

  1. Brand Protection:

QR codes are the element of Anti-Counterfeit Solution to procure your brand’s authenticity and integrity. Fake and counterfeit goods are made to look so real that it becomes difficult to analyze their birth and originality. Each QR code is unique and it is in no way possible to make a copy of the good which has a QR code and so, the brand’s originality is protected.

  1. Cost Saving:

Re-printed QR codes are used for the products which reduce the hardware costs as the Anti-Counterfeit technology is merged with the current packaging.

  1. Customer-friendly:

It is easy for the customers as they do not need to have an application for scanning the QR code. It can easily be scanned through the phone’s inbuilt scanner. This helps the company to procure the customer’s data and use it for developing loyalty platforms.


GenuineMark is the best help to your problem when your brand is suffering from pirate products in the market. Now the time calls for the double protective layer for your brand and GenuineMark is the solution that provides dual-layer authenticity.

genefiedtech gives you the responsiveness of controlling your Supply Chain with ease thus, helping you to prevent the entry of any counterfeit goods through the supply chain. With the increasing rate of proliferation that is contaminating e-commerce as well as physical markets, Genefied’s QR-Code Based Anti-Counterfeit Solution is playing a revolutionary role due to its uniqueness and capability of protecting your Brand’s future.

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