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Conventional Warranty Management Vs Digital Warranty Management

20-01-2023 09:44:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

With the invention of SMART technologies, Digital Warranty has come into birth. It has overtaken Traditional Warranty Management. IoT and its applications have made it easier to handle warranty management via paperless tools.

Thus, overcoming the challenges of the traditional warranty management system, QR Codes have been adopted as the new tools of warranty management. QR code. These waves of Digital transformation have multifacet benefits. They can be categorized into:

The uniqueness of QR unique codes

Fast Moving Data

Hassle-Free Warranty Settlement

Prevention of fraudulent Claims


The reason for the transition from conventional warranty to digitalized solutions is many. But, the main culprit has always been the increasing number of fraudulent claims and thus, the distortion of the revenues of brand houses. Be it any industry, the issues have been common to all.

We have listed certain points that will help you understand the major differences between conventional warranty and digital warranty management. And, the reasons brands and industries are shifting to digital warranty activation platforms.

Mode of Operation:

When we talk about the mode of operation, the conventional warranty methods rely upon offline sources for their functioning. All the data, including the name of the owner of the product, date of purchase, etc are recorded on the paper books. These are kept as records for future references as to when claims arise for settlement. 

Whereas, Digital Warranty Management works totally in online mode. Its working is dependent upon the stable internet connection along with the use of IoT and its applications in the form of QR codes. Digital Warranty-related attributes such as the name of the owner, address, contact details, the location of purchase, date of purchase, seller details, product details, etc are recorded in an online database.

Tools of Operation:

Convention Warranty Management works in offline mode be it for recording the purchases or for maintaining records. Thus, it relies upon manpower to maintain the records in the form of registers and copy records.

However, Digital Warranty Management is totally automatic in nature. It is tech-based and can be settled using digital means. Its path for settlement of claims and maintenance of records is via easily scannable QR codes on products.

Storage of Data:

Each minute detail in the case of the traditional warranty management system is stored in the registers maintained by the manufactures and retailers.

On the flip side, Digital Warranty Management System functions via online databases. Each product purchased gets its record updated when the customer scans the QR code and fills in his details for warranty activation.

Warranty Activation:

As per the conventional system, the warranty is activated as soon as the buyer purchases the product and fills the warranty form.

Whereas, in the digitalized modern method, warranty activates when the customer scans the QR code and fills his data on the page where he is directed to. QR Code-based Digital Warranty Management ensures easy warranty activation along with the ease of sharing data online.

Settlement of Claims:

As per the traditional warranty management system, the customer is often issued a warranty card which he has to show at the time of settlement of any return/claim during the time of settling. 

However, there is no such operation in the digitalized warranty management. Here, the data is stored in online mode with respect to each customer via unique activation/product code. Hence, automatically the whole process proceeds with the online data when the customer needs assistance.

Fraudulent Claims:

There are multiple points of occurrence of fraud in the case of traditional warranty claims settlement procedure. This all is possible due to the use of non-tech methods which lack safety assurance.

Digital Warranty Management Platform is guarded at all points from any sort of fraud or piracy. The unique QR codes ensure maximum traceability thus blocking any sort of warranty-related frauds.

Cost and Time:

Conventional Warranty Activation Management platform is considered to be more time-consuming and costly as compared to the digital warranty activation platforms. This is possible because of the increase in the use of the internet and IoT-based tools.

The extent of Traceability:

Conventional Warranty Management is operational via traditional means of maintaining records for each aspect related to sales or marketing. Non digitalized supply chain followed by non-tech supply chain management reduces the ability to track and trace.

However, the Digital Warranty Activation Management promises maximum traceability. The use of QR codes helps track and trace at any point across the supply chain.


Due to the lack of ease and traceability followed by huge losses resulting from fraudulent claims, Genefied has introduced its QR code-based Digital Warranty Activation Platform, DWAM. It has already helped multiple brands in designing their digital warranty system via QR codes.

Thus, if you are still using the conventional warranty tools and wish to experience maximum profits with minimum operational costs, contact Genefied. Its QR code-based services for warranty management are sure to help you reach heights of success by preventing counterfeits and warranty frauds. 

Combat, track and prevent warranty frauds via DWAM, seamless QR Code Based Warranty Activation Management.


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