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Ensure Supply Chain Traceability with QR-code-based Technology

03-02-2023 10:03:AM  | By

Supply Chain traceability is an increasing concern of all brands. Brands suffer due to the absence of modern methods for Supply Chain Management.

Digitalized Supply Chain Management is important for smooth Track and Trace. Manufacturers can track and recall any faulty products. They can analyze counterfeits at any point throughout the supply chain. But this is only possible via QR Codes.

Overall revenue can be increased by assuring maximum transparency to the stakeholders. And, to achieve this, your brand needs to adopt IoT in Supply Chain Management.

Major Obstacles to effective Supply Chain Traceability

Due to the absence of tech methods, brands tend to suffer from supply chain distortions. These challenges are common to multiple industries like tires, automobiles, and auto parts.

Lack of Traceability:

The use of non-tech methods reduces traceability. The absence of QR codes makes it difficult to grab any information. Logistics management turns difficult. This happens due to the absence of supply chain digitalization.

Increased cost: 

Traditional methods of maintaining inventory incur huge costs.  Companies have to spend huge costs and time on physical stock verification. The increased operational costs divert funds that otherwise could be used for marketing.

Supply Chain complexity due to multiple channels:

Huge brands have their supply chain spread over multiple channels. Management becomes difficult if they use non-digital methods.

Lack of Information Technology:

Brands face distorted supply chains due to the absence of IT and its applications. It is difficult to manage operations in offline mode.

Poor Logistics Management:

Companies suffer from poor logistics management due to a lack of resources. This often takes a lot of time and results in ineffectiveness. Poor logistics lead to an increase in the overall project cost.

The role played by Genefied in increasing supply chain traceability

SupplyBeam (QR Code-based product) has helped multiple industries.

Genefied’s QR-Code-based Supply Chain Management has benefited our clients.

Increased Traceability:

It has become easy to trace any products’ location. Effective supply chain traceability determines your brand’s growth. A digital solution can make the situation even better.

Easy Returns and Damage Management:

Industries like auto-parts, tires, etc operate on a mass level. The return and damage management has become easier with SupplyBeam. QR code helps in verifying the originality of the returned product.

Inventory Management (FIFO maintenance):

QR codes have made inventory management quick and smooth. Confusions due to large physical stocks have been overcome. FIFO Management i.e. First in First out has become easy through warehouses.

Blocking Mechanism:

Genefied’s QR codes have made the operation of blocking mechanisms easy. Blocking is practiced if any product’s QA test reveals any fault. By track and trace, its further movement can be stopped.

Cost Saving:

Preprinted QR codes help in cost reduction. Management of the supply chain can experience a cut of 50% costs. This cost cut is essential to use money more effectively.

Unique QR Codes: 

Each product has a unique QR code. This helps in the control of fake products. Also, a QR code that is damaged up to 30 per can still be used. As it still holds the information and data.

Multiple Level Gratification:

QR codes serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they serve the traceability purpose of industries. Secondly, they provide instant satisfaction to supply chain partners. This in turn increases their loyalty towards the brand.

Increased Operational Efficiency:

Easy track and trace work via ‘instant scanning’ of QR codes. This increases the operational efficiency of industries. Brands can focus on efficient marketing practices.


If your brand is still not able to benefit in such terms, contact Genefied. It has solutions for all your supply chain-related issues.

SupplyBeam is the best Track and Trace QR Code based service. Also, our Parent-child QR code combination makes it easiest for the digital management of your supply chain.

Let Genefied help you connect at all the points across your supply chain via the ‘Instant Scan’ facility designed under SUPPLYBEAM.

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