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Why do Brands need Digital Transformation in Warranty Management Systems

21-02-2023 11:53:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

You can solve problems faster and produce better products with digital manufacturing simulations. If you want to grow your brand with higher margins and better customer satisfaction, look no further than integrating your warranty management system with digital solutions. We strive to understand how brands can use digital warranty solutions to market their potential products and services.

Businesses can collect real-time information about their customers and products with a digital warranty system by allowing end customers to activate product warranties through the web or mobile apps digitally. Brands can provide other product-related business opportunities such as proof of ownership, repairs, warranty management, and other after-sales services on the product. 

Customers no longer have to worry about keeping their bills for years. They can register and claim warranties online. It is time to let customers experience THE EASE OF DIGITAL PLATFORMS!

What is Trending Now?

QR Codes are ruling the digital world and their scanning has increased by 500% over a decade!!!

Using QR codes, small and medium enterprises can increase productivity, safety, and profitability.

This digital transformation aims to adjust all data to inform and transform operations. You can achieve this only when all of your tools, data strategies, management, processes, and analytic methods are aligned. This seamless management is best done by QR codes that can be pasted on each product.

QR Codes are the first choice for traceability and warranty activation owing to features like:

The QR code itself is an eye-catchy shape. It can be easily found everywhere.

QR code scanner now comes integrated into the Android/iPhone camera itself.

Easy to scan 

The uniqueness of QR unique codes

Fast Moving Data

Hassle-Free Warranty Settlement

Prevention of fraudulent Claims

Easy to scan QR codes

Tamper Proof


Automated Data Availability

QR Codes are the new tools of warranty management, enabling waves of digital transformation to have multiple benefits. 

Is your Brand ready for Digital Transformation?

The need to automate warranty claim management processes has increased significantly with newer technologies and rising industry competition.  With digital assurance, brands can identify suppliers and hold them accountable. The best performers use their assurance systems to analyse and fix product issues. 

Safety Against Fake Products

QR codes on items prevent counterfeits out of the supply chain. Your brand will be safeguarded against counterfeit items and false warranty claims with such codes. Additionally, customers may rapidly register their warranties, submit claims, and even check the product’s legitimacy.

Easy Customer Settlement

The customers value a brand that values time. Efficient Digitalised warranty settlements have been shown to increase customer satisfaction. Warranty settlements based on QR codes provide authenticated results and boosts loyalty management.

Cost Efficiency

Automated digital warranty management serves as a centralised system for product and customer data and adds value to supply chains. Data management helps reduce warranty claims management costs. A digitalised warranty system allows seamless activation and warranty administration throughout the product’s lifespan while being cost-effective.

Digital Warranty Activation

The digital warranty system activates when the customer scans the QR code and fills his data on the digitally directed page. QR Code-based Digital Warranty Management Software ensures easy warranty activation along with the ease of sharing data online.

Improve Productivity

If you want to increase your brand’s overall productivity and efficiency, digital transformation is the ideal solution. Product recalls are made simple with digitalised warranty management. QR code scanning improves your client experience by shortening the process time cycle and tracking consumer demands continuously.

Seamless Integration with CRM

The built-in CRM provided by the QR code-based digital warranty management system integrates the data utilised by service teams to improve effectiveness. Brands can address consumer inquiries from a single interface. Complete automation of communication for registration and claims may transform a time-consuming operation into a feature with several added advantages such as anti-counterfeiting, rewards, and loyalty management.

QR codes help you grab information like contact details of buyers, date and place of purchase, product and seller details, etc. Customer registers or activates the product warranty on scanning the QR code, and information captured helps your brand serve:

Personalized Services

New Value-Added After-Sales Services, and 

Lower Overall Warranty Costs.

Data analytics as a competitive advantage

QR codes are the most extensive data storage facilities. They can store massive amounts of data while keeping it completely safe. With the use of reports, business owners may track the effectiveness of their warranty programme and maintain their competitive advantage.

Record Customer Data/Feedback

A digitalised warranty management system serves as the platform for customers to share their feedback. QR codes provide a one-time registration platform. Businesses can follow up on the input and communicate with the customer to solve the problem. Such assurance strengthens the relationship between the brand and the customer.

A warranty is an assurance of quality. Your brand’s reputation can be enhanced easily by efficient warranty management, which shall act as a source of attraction/retention for your customers. 

What about the Digital Warranty Software that would be best for your brand?

QR code-based platform provides organizations with innovative ways to measure and improve performance, with benefits beyond warranty operations. 

DWAM-A paperless Warranty Management System is the right solution for your brand.

It has been designed as a critical competency for companies and brand integrity.

DWAM (Digital Warranty Management System) is an anti-digital warranty fraud tool and guarantees a complete security cover for your Warranty Management System via QR codes. It lets you merge data, procedures, and policies that manage the whole process. Brands can easily upload, submit, check, and handle the status of the claims on our Digital Warranty Management Platform.

Why is digitization the way forward?

Digitization is inevitable for most functions across sectors. Nowadays, businesses have a widespread network of distributors and complex supply chains. So, data management is a challenge. Using an IoT backed QR code-based warranty management solution is the only answer!

Customers can scan the product QR code provided by the warranty management system with a smartphone/iPhone camera and check the product for counterfeiting. 

By using a mobile device to take a QR code, consumers can quickly learn more about your business, products, or services. 

Now, imagine a digital warranty management system that registers directly with the manufacturer, checks for counterfeits, handles complaints, increases customer engagement, provides a customer data platform for marketing campaigns, and more. 

Genefied’s QR Code based Digital Warranty Management Solution fully protects your brand from fraudulent warranty claims. 

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