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Retailer Loyalty Platform for Beverage Industry

24-02-2023 12:28:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

The Beverage Industry is the most competitive one. Being a beverage selling brand, you have to compete not only for the product but also for procuring your loyal retailers. 

What makes your alcohol brand the best choice for retailers?

A well-designed Retailer Loyalty Platform. 

The platform that gives them the best rewards, benefits, and discounts. Only then do they choose your brand over your competitors. Now, just think. Is your Beverage brand able to procure its supply chain partners?

Does your Retailer Loyalty Platform give your expected results?

Is it a digitalised Retailer Loyalty Platform?

Do you have to re-work every time upon your loyalty program strategies?

Is your customer retention increasing?

If not, then, you need to re-design your current Retailer Loyalty Platform.

A successful Retailer Loyalty Platform is designed keeping in view the strategies of:

Maximum Personalisation and Retailer Retention

Quick Reward Redemption

Quality Service Experience

Based upon these, Genefied has designed its QR code-based Retailer Loyalty Platform-Rewardify.

It is successfully helping brands to uplift their retailer loyalty and thus, customer retention too!

Rewardify works via QR codes which make it a Loyalty cum Traceability Platform. 

Rewardify- Undivided Loyalty-Retail business-Customer Loyalty-Increased Revenue


Genefied helped a famous Beverage Brand by brewing a successful Retailer Loyalty Platform. The brand suffered from the distorted loyalty of retailers. This crackled up its budget, image, and thus, its revenue. 

On our research Genefied found out the flaws in its Retailer Loyalty Platform:

Problems in their Retailer Loyalty Platform

Single Channel Availability:

If you own a big brand, a single channel availability can never help you achieve success. This is what our client was suffering from. Due to lack of direct communication and failure to serve complaints, our client experienced a fall in retailer loyalty. It’s Retailer Loyalty Platform failed to give desired results.

Conventional Reward System:

Opposed to the digitalised system of rewarding, our client was still using  conventional cash back, and cash discounts. This led to the easy shifting of its retailers to other beverage brands.


Our client saw extreme revenue downfall. This was happening due to old ways of rewarding retailers. The conventional reward system is:

a time-consuming process,

unattractive, and

lacks personalisation.

Retailers are demotivated to work on marketing and enhancing sales.

Poor Communication Set-Up:

Non-availability of quick complaint redressal process is the e.g. of poor servicing. Our client’s beverage brand did not have multiple point servicing. This lack of communication made it difficult for retailers to bring up their issues. A Retailer Loyalty Platform that lacks a digital communication set-up is bound to fail, especially in current competitive times. Our client faced a fall in its value proposition.


They preferred to shift to other beverage brands in the market.

Weak Reward/Benefits/ Discounts Process:

Be it retailers or customers. To keep them loyal to your brand, you ought to serve them with the best. The best comes in the form of discounts, cash-back offers, and instant redemption. But, our client’s Retailer Loyalty Platform was built upon a poor foundation. There was no encouraging factor to keep retailers loyal.

Absence of real-time Retailer Relevant Data:

Excessive reliance upon register recording and book-keeping results in flaws. Human work is prone to errors. In the absence of digital databases like one provided by QR codes, our client failed in: making strategic decisions, and marketing strategies.

Retailer Loyalty Issues:

Owing to poor service experience in form of:

Conventional Loyalty platform

Absence of QR code technology

Delay in reward redemption

Lack of personalisation and engagement,

Our client could not manage to win the loyalty of retailers. 

Fall in Brand Name:

Our client failed to fulfill their retailers’ expectations. This led to a negative effect on the brand’s image. Retailers become brand advocates but, due to poor experiences their bad word of mouth worked.


Our client saw reduced footfall of customers. This ultimately affected their sales and revenue.


After a detailed study of our client’s Retailer Loyalty Platform, we offered them a re-designing. 

Rewardify- our QR code-based retailer Loyalty Platform

It is shaped after aligning on the field-proven strategies. Our client shifted from conventional to our QR code-based Loyalty Platform. Let us walk you through your counterpart’s story.

Genefied designed a flexible and unique Retailer Loyalty Platform assuring the following benefits:

Digital Gratification to Retailers:

Digital shopping platforms have replaced the previous offline shopping activities.. This is not limited to customer experiences only. To retain retailers, our client struggled to reward them with digitised benefits. Rewardify solved this issue. QR codes help retailers to scan and earn their rewards in an instance. Our client opted for Digitalised Retailer Loyalty Platform which is now the instant attention grabber for its retailers..

Increased Engagement via Personalized Services:

If you fail to give a quality service experience as a brand, you are sure to lose your retailers. Our QR code-based Retailer Loyalty Platform assures quality servicing to retailers. It served our client with an omnichannel presence. Each retailer can be offered personalized rewards and offers.


Retailers are happy when they engage more with your brand. They feel emotionally connected. This becomes a treasure for growth of business.

Undivided Loyalty of Retailers:

Our QR code-based Retailer Loyalty Platform guarantees the long-term loyalty of your retailers. They feel valued and connected when you serve them with instant rewards. Thus, retailers choose you over your competitors.Our client recorded a 50% increase in retailer retention after adopting Rewardify.

Instant Reward Redemption:

Our client is now able to provide quick rewards to their retailers.  This instant reward redemption works via QR codes. Each unit is labelled with QR code. Retailers can scan the codes labelled on big lots and earn instant discounts. If you are also relying upon conventional rewards schemes, now is the time.Adopt our QR code technology.

Supply Chain Traceability and Management:

Genefied’s Retailer Loyalty Platform also offers traceability. This traceability comes with QR code technology. QR codes help in Tracking and tracing each transaction. This helps your brand in digitally managing each transaction. Online databases help you keep a check on entry of counterfeit goods.

Increased Customer Activity and Retention:

Your retailers are the means to build relationships with customers. Thus, uplift your business and help you earn benchmarked revenue by generating sales. QR code based loyalty platform works for both, retailers and customers.This helps supply chain partners trust your brand more. Hereby, stay loyal to your brand!

Real-Time Data Availability:

QR codes store huge data. This data is true in all senses. It gets stored, the moment the retailer scans the QR code. This data available via online data basis helps you in strategic decision making. 


It saves time and helps in making retailers your brand’s advocates. . 

How can you benefit from our product?

Genefied’s solution is helping brands drive their customer experiences into long-term relationships. This is built upon the foundation laid in the Retailer Loyalty Platform. If you make retailers happy, they bring more business for you!

QR codes are the game-changers. They are helping brands reach heights of success in terms of:

Retailer/Customer Loyalty

Supply Chain Traceability

Benchmarked Revenue

Brand Authentication and Goodwill

What are you waiting for?

Turn your Retailer Loyalty Platform into an experience that retailers are waiting to dive into!! 

If you wish to unlock these benefits for your beverage brand, call us now

Resonate your business plans by building a strong Retailer Loyalty Platform. Our experts are here to guide you throughout. Let us help you convert your Retailer Loyalty Platform into a Strategic vehicle for building long-term relationships. Integrate QR codes to streamline your supply chain process and win the loyalty of your partners!


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