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Anti-Counterfeiting Solution for Wires and Cables Industry

18-01-2023 10:55:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

The complexity of the supply chain has given way to numerous frauds. Counterfeiting being the main concern. Outcomes range from depleted revenue and tarnished brand image. But, Protection is easier than you think! Yes, you got us right. Be it cables, wires, or electronics, each brand and industry are looking for an authentic Anti-Counterfeit Solution. Isn’t it? We know you are looking for that too.

Genefied’s QR-code-based product-GenuineMark is your personal guard.With Genefied’s GenuineMark-prevent fraud with end-to-end traceability.It is a QR-code based product that will reassure your customers about your brand’s authenticity. It keeps a check upon your supply chain at each point thus, minimizing counterfeiting, cloning, and fraud.

How Counterfeits affect WIres and Cables Industry:

Successful planning and SMART Anti-Counterfeit Solution can help your brand reach heights of success. But, in the absence of a well-tested solution, our clients from the Wires and Cables industry faced huge disruptions and challenges.

Increase in Counterfeits:

Owing to the absence of authenticated anti-counterfeit solutions, wires and cables’ brands suffer the most. It is most vulnerable to the entry of fakes and counterfeits. Due to the absence of a digitalised solution, the dispersion of fakes is bound to maximise and thus, overpower your supply chain.

Lack of Supply Chain Control:

Non-digitalised supply chain management doesn’t guarantee complete traceability. Lack of Track and Trace ease leads to supply chain distortions. Thus, making it prone to the entry of fakes and counterfeits.

Poor Brand Image:

With the spread of counterfeits, comes the downfall of the brand’s goodwill. Customers start losing trust due to the spread of product fakes in your brand’s name. 

Fall in Customer Base:

Loyal customers tend to shift to your competitors due to poor quality experience. This affects your current customer base and also the revenue.

Risk of Life:

Counterfeits and clones of wires and cables pose a great risk to the life of customers. Their poor quality can even cause fires.

Fraudulent claims:

As a brand whose counterfeits are all over the market, at times your brand also has to bear the additional repair/damage expenses.

How Genfied helped to prevent diversion of products’ fakes-Wires & Cables Industry

Genefied has helped its clients from the Wires and cables Industry to curb the existing spread of counterfeits. Simultaneously, acting as the safety gear against future threats. After adopting our services, our clients faced a drop in their counterfeits.

Total Supply Chain Traceability: 

QR codes allow a quick check upon every movement across the supply chain. It helps in Track and Trace. This traceability relies upon ‘easy to scan QR codes. Even manufacturers can use QR codes for supply chain management purposes.

Anti-Counterfeiting Gear:

QR codes have proved themselves to be the ultimate first-line defence. Their single-use nature and double layer authenticity make GenuineMark- a success. 

Detect/Block Suspicious Movement:

A successful Anti-Counterfeit solution is one that helps detect the smallest doubtful movement across your supply chain. So is Genefied’s anti-counterfeit product. It has helped brands block suspicious product movement in an instance. This is possible with parent-Child QR codes. Parent QR code labelled on the large carton. Whereas, each unit inside a big carton is labelled with a unique QR code. This helps to detect the positioning of each product contained inside it via child QR codes.

Real-Time Authentication:

Our QR-code based Anti-Counterfeit Solution helps in real-time Brand Authentication. Easy to scan QR codes ensure 100% safety. They are the loyalty cum traceability, anti-counterfeit tools. It helps empower supply chain partners. They feel connected and engage more with the brand.  

Powerful Data Insight:

We have helped our clients gain insight into relevant data. QR code enables digital databases and helps in digitalised supply chain management. You can easily capture actionable product data. This further helps in efficient marketing, strategic decision making and thus, operational excellence.

Unique QR codes:

Each QR code is unique and specific to the product it is labelled upon. It cannot be tampered with, copied, or imitated. 


Our Anti-Counterfeit solution makes it easier for you to fight your counterfeits.

QR codes also help in effective supply chain management.

Scale up your counterfeiting solution with GenuineMark-the fool-proof QR-code-based tech for your brand and its supply chain.

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