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16-01-2023 09:41:AM  | By Gurnoor Saini

A product can never be bought if the consumer doesn’t develop trust in a company or if the consumer is satisfied to buy a particular product at a specific price and until he/she is assured of the genuinity of the product. Customer feedback is the buyers’ reaction to a company’s products, services, or policies. The exchange of information involves both performance expected and the performance exhibited.

Who would argue that the idea of feedback is a good thing?

All can benefit from the feedback system. Both common sense and research make it clear – feedback and opportunities to use that feedback helps to improve and enhance, whether an individual, group, business, busWhen the consumer scans the QR code in the app ,it displays an image of the product bought by the consumer ,a visual detailed  description of how to use the product ,what does the product comprises of or a story video pertaining to the product. Subordinary to that the consumer gets the detailed information of when and from where the product is bought. Timeline of digital warranty for the product is also sectioned on the Genuine Mark app.

It also adjuvidates a feature which aids the consumer to locate a nearby seller to buy similar products ,so whenever the consumer scans the QR code and checks for the nearby retailers the app displays all the nearby retailers and the availability of the particular product with them.

Product rating and feedback is one of the most important features which not only helps other consumers to make a better decision but the company itself can work upon maintaining the quality of the product .

One more interesting feature on the Genuine Mark app is that the consumer can share the product directly on social media platforms with their friends and family.

So we bring you all in all a great deal of features to maintain transparency and build trust within our customers along with our anti-counterfeiting packaging technology .iness unit, company, or organization – and that information can be used to make better informed decisions. It also allows consumers and the company  to build and maintain communication with others.

Video ,Image and Story Telling is one special feature which makes the consumer feel more connected to the company and eases consumer adaptability with the product.

Genuine Mark tackles counterfeit goods in the market with it’s technically sound anti-counterfeiting packaging .This anti-counterfeiting packaging is done by installing QR codes ,holograms on the product which marks the genuinity of the product . 

Does Genuine Mark provide any ancillary ?

Genuine Mark  digresses into another segments in it’s app that are Video ,Image and Story Telling and Feedback for the consumer in addition to it’s anti-counterfeiting packaging.



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