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Transforming the Hosiery Industry through Cutting-edge Technology

14-04-2023 02:48:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

As one of the largest industries in India, the hosiery sector is known for its wide range of products, affordability, and high-quality standards. 

Do you know? 

Indian textile and apparel industry is predicted to grow at an impressive 10% CAGR from 2019-20. 

By 2025-26, it is expected to reach a market size of US$ 190 billion.

With such whopping expectations from the industry, and despite its success, the industry has faced several challenges over the years, including supply chain inefficiencies and a struggle to maintain retailer and consumer loyalty. 

However, with technology playing a vital role in addressing these challenges, the industry is experiencing a rapid transformation. 

Genefied- Leading the Revolution in Hosiery Industry

The Indian hosiery industry is undergoing a massive transformation, and one of the companies leading this revolution is Genefied. This innovative company provides game-changing solutions to the hosiery industry, including retailer and consumer loyalty programs and supply chain traceability. With these programs, Genefied is streamlining and automating the schemes that brands provide to their consumers, making it easier for them to prosper, grow, and earn better returns in the competitive era.

Imagine a hosiery industry that is well-organized, transparent, and customer-centric. That's precisely what Genefied is aiming to achieve through its cutting-edge technology. The company is making a significant impact on the industry, ensuring that it is more efficient, profitable, and customer-friendly than ever before.

Rewardify-Gamification-based Loyalty Program

With its unique yet, multipurpose QR code-based loyalty solution, Genefied is already helping a few top brands in the Hosiery Industry build their brand loyalty through seamless loyalty management for supply chain partners through minimisation in the churn rate up to 40%.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Helping Hosiery brands build emotional connections with their customers. Thus, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Increased Retailer Loyalty: By offering instant rewards through QR codes, Rewardify helps hosiery brands ensure the long-term loyalty of their retailers / distributors / wholeseller, which is crucial for a hosiery brand’s long-term success.

Sales Data Analysis: Rewardify automates the gathering of sales data, providing hosiery brands with valuable customer insights that can be used to improve their overall business strategy.

Repeat Sales Automation: The gamification-based retailer loyalty platform automates repeat sales, increasing the likelihood of customers making repeat purchases from the same hosiery brand.

By providing end-to-end digital reward management and redemption with flexible schemes, Rewardify is helping the hosiery industry become more organised, transparent, and customer-centric.


Scan&Win- Revolutionizing the way Hosiery Brands retain their Loyal Consumers

Using QR codes, Genefied's Scan & Win loyalty program helps hosiery brands capture valuable customer data insights, purchase behaviour, and preferences.

Virtual spinning wheel technology provides instant gratification to consumers, boosting consumer satisfaction and loyalty to hosiery brands.

Scan & Win has been shown to increase hosiery brand sales by up to 40% and provides first-party data-gathering capabilities, adding up to 10% to a brand's revenue.

By leveraging the unique advantages of Scan & Win, hosiery brands can revolutionise their loyalty and revenue growth strategies today.

SupplyBeam- Genefied's end-to-end Supply Chain Traceability Solution

With end-to-end transparency, we offer hosiery brands unparalleled visibility and security with tamper-proof QR codes and multi-layer authentication. With up to 99.99% traceability and up to 70% infiltration control, SupplyBeam helps hosiery brands manage supply chain operations digitally and increase efficiency, resulting in cost savings.


A centralised system for Unit-wise data gathering from all channels for complete transparency and traceability.

Quick alerts for improved logistics operations and efficiency.

Tamper-proof QR codes for real-time tracking, declining supply chain disruptions and increasing efficiency.

Lower employee footprint with QR code-based supply chain traceability software.

FIFO inventory management for optimal supply, return, and recall management.

Accurately tagged shipments for precise tracking and identification of each shipment.

Infiltration Track N Trace to safeguard authenticity and integrity.

Streamlined communication and significant time and resource savings during and after transit.

Genefied's PARTNERSHIP IN Hosiery Industry in India

Genefied is proud to work with some leading brands in the Indian Hosiery Industry, including Lux Industries, Pooja Rageene, Bodycare, Siyarams, and Teenager. 

Through these partnerships, Genefied is providing innovative cutting-edge technology solutions to help these brands increase loyalty, sales, and inventory visibility. These solutions include engaging and easy-to-use programs for both retailers and consumers, such as retailer loyalty programs, consumer loyalty programs, and supply chain traceability. By automating these schemes through QR codes, Genefied aims to provide a seamless experience for both parties.


The Indian hosiery industry has become highly competitive recently, with several major players dominating the market. To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to provide value-added services to retailers and consumers. By offering solutions like loyalty programs and supply chain traceability, brands can enhance their reputation and customer loyalty. With the right strategies in place, companies in the Indian hosiery industry can continue to thrive and succeed with the help of Genefied.

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