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Successful implementation of Intelligent Digital Warranty System in Manufacturing Sector

23-02-2023 05:20:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

The foremost step for higher revenues and margins is designing a competitive warranty strategy. In addition to marketing, another important tool that manufacturers can leverage in achieving this goal is an effective Digital Warranty System

Is your manufacturing brand using the latest Digital Warranty System?

Seeing your competitors copying your products must be frustrating. Isn’t it? 

Today, we have a solution for this: QR codes. They are the latest tech solution providers to lift your brand’s competitiveness. Providing post-sale assurances is necessary to increase customer experience, enhance brand value, and differentiate your manufacturing brand. QR codes give it all!

But, how do you do it in a cost-efficient manner?

An ideal warranty management system would support direct registrations with manufacturers, monitor counterfeit products, address complaints, engage customers, and collect customer data for marketing. 

DWAM gives you everything!

DWAM(Digital Warranty Management System) is our QR code-based Warranty Software. It streamlines the claim process to give maximum customer satisfaction. Not only this, QR codes are the most economical means to maximum transparency and provision of real-time data.

They align the product, your manufacturing brand, with the overall corporate goals.

Today, we will walk you through the latest success story of our implementation of DWAM in the manufacturing industry. We have provided our digital warranty services to brands like Vega, Borosil, Baltra.

DWAM(Digital Warranty Activation Management)-Genefied’s Paperless Warranty Management.

Case Study-Manufacturing Industry

Our client is one of the leading players in the manufacturing industry. Besides being one of the top performers, it worked without Advanced Analytics and Smart Dashboards. Thus, it faced multiple false claims and counterfeiting issues, which led to a massive dent in its revenue cycle. This was when they approached us for DWAM!


Genefied’s research revealed that our client’s previous warranty management system contained several loopholes. This further caused an increase in warranty costs, fraudulent claims, and ultimately poor customer loyalty.

Increased Fraudulent Claims

Our client was receiving numerous monthly fraudulent claims. This was all the result of the absence of an effective digital warranty management system. This affected its revenue and caused a poor brand image and, thus, difficulty in loyalty management.

Cumbersome Warranty Claim Process 

Our clients, just like other manufacturing brands, used paper-based warranty management. It suffered from a timely delay in claim settlement as every task was done manually. It is a tedious and costly affair.


Paper-based warranty registration, claim redressal, and management leads to customer frustration and loss of loyalty. A single bad experience is enough to divert them to your competitor. This was all that our client was going through!

Manual and Duplicate Data Entry

The traditional Warranty Management Method is Time-Consuming. Our client was still using warranty cards in sales. It is challenging to keep them secure for the long term. Also, there might be duplicate entries subject to manual data recording.

How many data points gathered from outside sources are manually entered by your brand?

If your answer is multiple, you are probably already in trouble.


Automating the entire claim process is an essential feature of the right warranty management solution. Automating is not enough, but the solution must utilize the latest technology to provide the company with smart insights to improve its products and services.

Limited Reporting and Data Insights

Due to excessive reliance upon manual tasks, our client suffered from the limited capability for detailed data analysis. This further caused ineffective results and reports. 


Poor quality data and the absence of a centralized data system cannot automatically streamline product data, trends, and claims issue information. Due to limited capabilities, claim cycles are longer, and the resolution process becomes increasingly unsatisfactory, resulting in more manager support requests in response to customer complaints.

High Operational Costs

Our client was incurring more than usual operational costs in warranty management systems due to the huge dependence on paper-based warranty management systems. There was a continuous hike in the warranty costs due to poor warranty strategy and, thus, worthless warranty policies and terms.

Poor Traceability and Visibility

Manual data recording left no scope for traceability and visibility. Our client had a cumbersome warranty process that lacked any real-time visibility.

A Poor Communication System

A manual warranty system cannot provide real-time data. Our client failed to address customers in time: their returns, redressals, and claim settlement due to manual processing. Nowadays, it is necessary to have a multi-channel presence to remain in touch with consumers 24/7.



Loss of Authenticity and Goodwill

The company’s name had become a target of fraud due to the lack of a reliable and authenticated digital warranty management system. Ultimately, it further suffered a depressed curve from the loyal retailers, distributors, and customers.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

OUR SOLUTION- Genefied adds a UID (Unique Identification) to each of your pieces in the supply chain along with a parent code on the shipper of the master carton for adding a digital track to each shipment in bulk. It helps customers activate digital warranty via QR code scanning. One of our client brand’s long-term goals was to modernize its warranty program. Thus, improving dealership experiences, response times, and compliance posture.Our QR code based-Digital Warranty System helped our client brand with complete protection through our IoT-backed platforms. 

Read here to see how our product assisted them with increased visibility.

Automated Warranty Management

Using QR codes, our client brand can now streamline, automate claims and validate claim data. Warranty staff can quickly check the status of claims online. It can effectively manage claim costs by complying with warranty policies, entitlements, failure coding, authorised parts, and standard repair times. 


Customers and customers’ warranty entitlements can now be tracked with QR codes. 

Using claim process automation, you can increase production and efficiency.

Extensive examinations and validations help to keep warranty costs down.

Omni-Channel Interaction with Customers 

A centralized digital warranty set-up has helped our client brand to serve customers seamlessly. This is a boost to build loyalty among customers via easy settlement of warranty related issues.

Also, integration with CRM helps provide value-added services and build long-term connections across all channels, including retail, web, mobile, and social media, to differentiate the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

 Effortless Redressal of Warranty Claims

The digitization of warranty claims has simplified the process and aided in avoiding false claims. IoT guarantees that all statistical data linked to each product is assembled in an online database. It helps in the discovery of any fraud or error in real-time. 

The QR-Code is the most convenient way to activate a digital warranty. It is hassle-free for customers.

Reduced Operational Costs

DWAM serves our clients with automatically pre-validated coverage and recalls. Now, customer and product information is written directly to the manufacturer’s digital database once they scan the QR code after purchasing the product. 

This allows digital management of warranty claims. In addition to counterfeiting, an embedded CRM helps our clients from the manufacturing industry to receive feedback for product reviews via email or SMS.

Supply Chain Traceability

QR code-based digital warranty solution by Genefied has led to increased traceability from warranty management into manufacturing and the supply chain.  This has helped our client with consistent results, clear expectations, simplified communications, and unified data that provides real accountability and a real-time audit trail of transactions & processes.

Increase Supplier Recovery

By communicating supplier warranty claims in real-time, QR codes enhance collaboration to minimize warranty costs and to improve product quality. 

A QR code-based Digital Warranty System powered by IoT serves as the foundation to: promote product quality and supplier evaluation, manage supplier warranty cost-effectively, and provide real-time visibility into warranty breaches.

Effective Loyalty Management

With QR code-based Digital Warranty System, our client has gained the market edge in your industry. QR codes act as a source of motivation for retailers due to reduced operation discrepancies. They yearn for quick reward redemption on QR code scanning. DWAM is another tool to provide your customers/retailers/distributors with enhanced ease.

Operational Efficiency

Genefied’s Digital Warranty System is a one-stop solution that has lifted our client brand in terms of better decisions, improved efficiencies, and resolved claims in a hassle-free manner. It has been able to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the manufacturing business.  This all is possible via real-time data provided by easy to scan QR codes.

Perks of using QR code-based Digital Warranty System in Manufacturing Industry

Genefied offers pre-printed QR codes that are easy to scan and tamper-proof. 

Ease of using QR codes-These are the only products that seem to be grabbing the buyer’s attention in the wake of the digital guarantee.

Real-Time Customer Relevant Data-Design personalized services and inform customers on service campaigns, product knowledge, and upgrades.

Anti-Counterfeiting-Service and warranty costs are additional costs for the manufacturer. QR codes on goods prevent counterfeits from entering the supply chain.Statistically, Genefied has been able to offer our client brands from Manufacturing Industry with:

Cut-down warranty processing costs by 15%, streamlining processes, eliminating duplicate data entry, and automating claim adjudication

Shorten claims processing cycle time by 100%.

See a 50% increase in customer footfall owing to authenticated digital warranty management.

Personalized marketing strategies based upon real-time customer/retailer relevant data.

Supply Chain Fulfillment with faster and accurate warranty payments and performance analytics.

Transforming Warranty Management with Genefied

If you wish to attain a sharp competitive edge in the manufacturing industry, contact Genefied for Digital Warranty System. We provide a QR code-based warranty infrastructure, thus, creating a cohesive platform for fast, efficient claims management and reduced warranty costs.

Call our specialists today if you want to acquire authenticated warranty insights, reduce your warranty costs, automate warranty claims, streamline your warranty management system, and thus, maximize your revenue income. DWAM(Digital Warranty Activation Management) is intended to automate the warranty claim operation and claim settlement time. Our Warranty Management Software unifies the whole warranty process into a comprehensive system approachable to all parties, including suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, service providers, and end-users.


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