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Evolution of Anti-Counterfeit: How Brands Benefit from GenuineMark's QR Code-Based Solution

21-06-2023 02:29:PM  | By Gurnoor Saini

In today's rapidly evolving economy, business world, and the wider world, counterfeit products have emerged as a formidable challenge for brands worldwide. The proliferation of counterfeit goods not only leads to significant revenue loss but also undermines the trust that consumers place in brands. However, the fight against counterfeiting has witnessed a remarkable evolution, with innovative anti-counterfeit solutions paving the way for stronger brand protection.

One such groundbreaking solution in this battle against counterfeit products is GenuineMark, a cutting-edge QR code-based anti-counterfeit solution offered by Genefied. GenuineMark represents a remarkable leap forward in safeguarding brands and empowering consumers with the ability to verify product authenticity effortlessly

GenuineMark: A Complete Digital Brand Protection Solution

GenuineMark is an end-to-end anti-counterfeit solution that revolutionizes brand protection. By leveraging tamper-proof QR codes and multi-layer product authentication, it provides brands with an effective defense against counterfeit products. Here's why GenuineMark stands out:

Cost-Effective Digital Brand Protection

Integrating GenuineMark with your current packaging is simple. It adds an extra layer of digital security to your products without requiring extensive resources.

Quick Alerts for Real-Time Action

Each product carries a unique QR code that enables instant counterfeiting notifications. This empowers brands to take immediate action against counterfeiters, safeguarding their reputation and revenue.

Securing Your Brand's Value

GenuineMark's tamper-proof QR codes bolster brand value by ensuring authenticity. By implementing this digital anti-counterfeiting solution, brands can protect their revenue streams and maintain customer loyalty.

Improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

When customers trust a brand's products, they are more likely to engage in repeat transactions. GenuineMark enhances trust, which, in turn, leads to increased customer retention and higher CLTV.

Building Trust and Amplifying Relationships

By scanning the QR code, customers can easily verify a product's genuineness. This fosters instant satisfaction and boosts the brand-customer relationship. Customers can access vital information such as manufacturing dates, expiry dates, warranties, and other product details.

Digitalised Control and Management

GenuineMark employs multi-factor authentication and assigns a unique QR code to each product unit. This comprehensive brand protection strategy ensures complete control over product movements through a centralized digital dashboard.

The Evolution of the Leading Anti-Counterfeiting Solution - GenuineMark

Genefied is already serving some big Indian brands in protecting their supply chains. You can check our case studies for more information. GenuineMark offers several advantages through its hashed QR codes.

First-Party Insights Gathering

When customers scan the digital QR code and fill out the form to check product details, the system captures valuable first-party insights. This belongs to your brand, allowing you to leverage it for personalized marketing and loyalty program enhancements.

Personalization and Integration

GenuineMark's insight capture capabilities enable personalized rewards and effective loyalty program management. By utilizing this one-stop solution, brands can streamline both anti-counterfeiting and loyalty initiatives.

Targeting the Right Customers

With GenuineMark, brands can gather consumer purchase behavior insights. These valuable insights can be used to shape targeted marketing strategies, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience.

Amplifying Customer Relationships

A single tamper-proof QR code provides customers with an easy way to verify the genuineness of a brand and its products. This fosters trust, strengthens brand engagement, and deepens customer relationships.

Enhanced Product Experience

GenuineMark's digital anti-counterfeit solution enables 24/7 direct communication between brands and consumers. This ensures that customers are satisfied with their products, resulting in enhanced overall product experiences.

Driving Repeat Sales

By instilling trust, transparency, and anti-counterfeiting control through a single QR code, GenuineMark encourages repeat sales. Customers who have confidence in a brand's authenticity are more likely to become loyal patrons.

Supply Chain Transparency and Brand Protection

GenuineMark empowers brands with real-time tracking of product movements. Any fraudulent activities can be detected, and instant alerts are received when counterfeit or copied units infiltrate the supply chain. This comprehensive brand protection measure helps eliminate fraudulent activities by up to 70%.


The evolution of anti-counterfeit solutions has brought tremendous benefits to brands. GenuineMark, Genefied's QR code-based anti-counterfeit solution, emerges as a game-changer. With tamper-proof QR codes and multi-layer authentication, it provides cost-effective brand protection. This most loved anti-counterfeiting solution empowers brands with real-time alerts, enhancing their ability to combat counterfeiters and preserve their reputation. By instilling trust, GenuineMark strengthens customer relationships, boosts loyalty, and drives repeat sales.

With the added benefits of personalized marketing, supply chain transparency, and enhanced product experiences, GenuineMark proves to be an essential tool for brands looking to secure their products and thrive in a counterfeit-prone market.

Choose GenuineMark and safeguard your brand's authenticity and growth.


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